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Self-service market analysis research platform.
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Glimpse is a global, AI-powered, self-service research platform that focuses on language, emotion, and sentiment analysis. It allows users to gather and understand human language responses at scale.

The platform supports open and close-ended question types, as well as survey functionality including the ability to include images or videos. Users can reach any audience within the platform's network of over 250 million people or target their own customer, employee, or client audience.Glimpse generates hundreds of responses in hours through a user-friendly, mobile-first respondent experience that maintains engagement with the use of emojis to capture sentiment data.

The platform also offers the option to upload custom data for analysis.The interactive dashboard provides topic and sentiment analysis, allowing users to discover awareness, emotion, and sentiment patterns.

Demographic, firmographic, and behavioral attributes are assigned to each respondent, enabling cross-tab functionality and easy exports to PowerPoint.Glimpse leverages generative AI integrations to provide real-time insights.

These integrations assist in message crafting, drafting blog posts, automatically categorizing and coding responses, and more.The platform was developed by a team of insights technology experts with experience in product, operations, marketing strategy, and academia.

Glimpse has received positive feedback from clients who have found value in its market research solutions, ability to uncover unique insights, and cost-effectiveness.


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