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Video editing for YouTube creators.
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Gling is an AI-powered video editing tool designed to help YouTube creators save time and improve their workflow. Using machine learning algorithms, Gling automatically recognises and cuts silences, bad takes and disfluencies from the raw upload.

This can all be done in a few minutes and the resulting edit can be exported as an XML timeline to various professional video editors or as an mp4 to any editor.

Additionally, Gling offers a free editing of the first video and a $5 charge for every video edited afterwards. Currently, Gling only supports English videos, but the creators are hoping to expand to other languages soon.

Gling is easy to use and helps creators save time and effort without compromising on quality.


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Jul 23, 2023
Selamat siang saya akan membagikan tutorial gimana caranya mengedit video di aplikasi capcut

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Gling was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 16th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Cuts silences automatically
Removes bad takes
Exports as XML timeline
Compatible with professional editors
Exports as mp4
Supports English videos
Ease of use
Quality not compromised
Time and effort saver
Free first video editing
Low cost subsequent editing
Supports audio files
Supports video files
Review and edit feature
Export to various formats
Time-saving tool
Transcriptions for videos
Automatic disfluency removal
Direct export to MP4 or MP3
Video editing made easy
Potentially fits current workflow
High user satisfaction
Integrates with Final Cut Pro
Integrates with DaVinci Resolve
Integrates with Adobe Premiere
Support for voiceovers
Raw recording upload
Developed for YouTube creators


Only supports English videos
May misinterpret disfluencies
Charges per video edited
Limited export formats
Require up-to-date OS
May overlook subtle edits
Only for YouTube creators
Limited audio editing
No version control
No collaborative features


What is Gling?
How does Gling work?
Does Gling only edit videos, or does it also edit audio files?
Can Gling export files for professional video editors?
What are the compatible video editors with Gling?
What video formats does Gling accept?
Is the first video edited by Gling really free?
What kind of payment models does Gling offer?
Are there any subscription packages for Gling?
Does Gling support languages other than English?
Are there plans to expand Gling's language support?
Is Gling compatible with both MacOS and Windows?
How much time does it usually take for Gling to edit a video?
How accurate is Gling in detecting silences and disfluencies?
Can I edit or review the changes Gling made to my video?
Does Gling work with voiceover files?
How can Gling save me time as a YouTube creator?
What users' opinions about Gling?
What are the steps to get started with Gling?
Where can I download the Gling app?

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