Gmail email writing 2023-07-24
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Streamlines email writing for better communication.
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Gmail GPT is an AI tool designed to streamline email communication by generating and assisting in writing emails. It is available as a free add-on for Gmail, accessible on both desktop and mobile devices.

The tool requires no sign-up or API key and offers both formal and casual tones for composing emails.Users can launch Gmail and compose a new email, then access the GPT for Gmail icon located in the bottom right of the email editor.

They can input a brief prompt and select the desired tone, and the tool will generate a draft that can be integrated into the email.Key features of Gmail GPT include the option to choose between formal and casual tones, the ability to shorten, lengthen, or regenerate email content, and compatibility with over 30 languages.Privacy is respected by Gmail GPT, as it complies with regulations such as GDPR and the California Privacy Act.

User data remains securely stored on Google servers and is never stored by the tool. The add-on can only access the email being edited to provide context for accurate email generation, and all data used is fully anonymized.The tool can be used by companies of all sizes, educators, associations, businesses, startups, and professionals for various purposes, including client communication, sending newsletters, holiday wishes, event invitations, job applications, and more.Additional features of Gmail GPT include generating ideas for email content, automated replies, email performance statistics, translation support for 30+ languages, and high-standard security and reliability.Users can join the community and provide feedback to help refine the tool based on their input and requirements.

Gmail GPT aims to revolutionize email communications by offering an AI-powered, one-click email assistant.


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Jul 28, 2023
I like the ability to guide the draft it creates. It will take general guidance, such as the desired tone.

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Pros and Cons


Free Gmail add-on
No sign-up required
Flexible for formal or casual tones
Generate, shorten, or lengthen emails
Over 30 languages compatibility
GDPR & California Privacy Act compliant
High-standard security and reliability
Data securely stored on Google servers
Data fully anonymized
Generates ideas for email content
Automated replies feature
Provides email performance statistics
Translation support for 30+ languages
One-click integration with Gmail
Preview mode for emails
User community for feedback
Handles job application tracking
Assists in PR campaigns management
Helpful for diverse industries and roles
Runs as a Gmail add-on


Only integrates with Gmail
No offline usage
Cannot edit God-given drafts
No support for third-party apps
Doesn't support multi-account switching
Limited tone options
No custom templates
No browser extensions
Requires Internet connection


What is GmailGPT?
How does GmailGPT assist in email writing?
How compatible is GmailGPT with desktop and mobile devices?
Is there a need to sign-up or need an API key to use GmailGPT?
Can you specify the tone of the email content generated with GmailGPT?
How to launch and use GmailGPT?
What are the key features of GmailGPT?
Does GmailGPT comply with privacy regulations like GDPR and the California Privacy Act?
Where does user data reside when using GmailGPT?
How does GmailGPT access emails?
Who can use GmailGPT?
Can GmailGPT help with client communication, holiday wishes, event invitations and job applications?
What additional features does GmailGPT provide?
How can users join the GmailGPT community?
What is the purpose of the GmailGPT community?
Does GmailGPT provide translation support for other languages?
How secure is GmailGPT?
Can GmailGPT generate ideas for email content?
Does GmailGPT provide automated replies?
Does GmailGPT offer email performance statistics?


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