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Connect apps; align work with goals and OKRs
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Tability is an AI-assisted platform designed to streamline the goal-tracking process, motivate performance and help users stay aligned with their main objectives and OKRs (Objectives and Key Results).

It uses AI to formulate strategies based on objectives, suggesting measurable goals and tasks instantly. The tool also generates key metrics that can be adjusted to individual specifications and assigned to respective team members.

Furthermore, Tability offers features such as on-demand reporting, visualization of all goals within an organization, tracking of key initiatives and tasks, and the provision for quick check-ins to ensure daily focus.

With the ability to connect to an extensive range of apps, Tability facilitates automated check-ins on goals and OKRs, making tracking progress more efficient.

The integration with OpenAI and the utilization of its GPT-3 model enriches the goal setting process. The tool can translate a vision into a strategy within seconds by offering AI-generated goals and relevant action items.

Additionally, Tability connects to specific data points in apps and creates check-ins based upon activities, providing real-time progress updates and fostering discussions around results.


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Tability was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 18th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Mulitple app integrations
Real-time progress tracking
Add context to numbers
Automatically suggests key metrics
Automatic task suggestions
Formulates strategies from objectives
Customizable key metrics
Team assignments feature
On-demand reporting
Real-time visualization of goals
Tracks key initiatives
Quick, automated check-ins
Extensive range of apps
Real-time goal and OKR check-ins
Translates vision into strategy
Contextual action item suggestions
Automated check-ins based on activities
Real-time progress updates
Fosters discussions around results
Free to start, no credit card
Comprehensive resources available
Uses OKRs methodology
Useful for startups
OKRs success guide available
Extensive templates library
Insights, strategies, best practices
KPI and success metric examples
Varied customer use cases
Supports custom integrations
Vision to strategy in seconds
Relevant action items suggestions
Data point connections in apps
Automated check-ins with Zapier
Progress updates upon data change
Seamless automated check-ins
Context to value and discussion prompts
Aligns work with company goals


Limited to GPT-3 integrations
Lacks native app support
No offline functionality
Limited customization options
Visualizations may be basic
Limited task management features
Reliant on external integrations
No evident data privacy measures
Lacks explicit role-based access control
No non-business use case


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How does Tability visualize all goals within an organization?
How does Tability ensure daily focus?
How does Tability use GPT-3 for goal setting?
How does Tability connect to specific data points in apps?
What is the purpose of automated check-ins in Tability?
Can Tability translate a vision into a strategy?
How does Tability suggest action items?
What happens when an action is performed in one of my apps connected to Tability?
How does Tability update progress in real time?
How does Tability foster discussions around results?

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