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Platform for businesses to set and track goals.
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Tability is an AI-assisted goal setting and tracking platform for businesses. With its integrations feature, users can easily connect to multiple apps and sync their goals and objectives across different systems.

It uses OpenAI and GPT-3 to suggest key metrics and tasks based on an objective and helps users write better goals in under 30 minutes. It also automates progress tracking by connecting to data points, so users can always see the entire journey and progress in real time.

Additionally, users can add context to the numbers to better understand their goals and start conversations around important outcomes. Tability also offers a variety of resources such as OKRs for Startups, OKR Examples, Success Metrics, and more.

It's easy to get started and no credit card is required.


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Pros and Cons


App integration capability
Suggested key metrics
Objective based tasks
Automated progress tracking
Real-time progress view
Context addition to numbers
Resourceful: OKRs, Metrics examples
No credit card required
Full-company goal view
Initiatives and tasks tracking
On-demand reporting
OKRs guide and examples
Tability Templates Library
Custom integration through Zapier
Automatic check-ins update
Empowers strategy formulation
Instant action item suggestions
Adds analysis to numbers
Facilitates outcome discussions
Free trial availability
In-app data point connection


Limited integration apps
Auto progress update concerns
Possibly over-simplistic metrics
May limit unique strategies
No credit card, limited trial


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Can Tability keep me updated on my OKRs and goals?
Does Tability allow for tracking important tasks and milestones?
Does Tability offer real-time reporting on demand?
How does Tability's custom integrations feature work?
How can OpenAI suggest measurable goals based on my objective in Tability?
Can Tability connect to any data points in my app to update progress?
How can I start discussions around outcomes in Tability?
Can I schedule a demo with Tability?
What resources are available for startups on Tability?
Does Tability have any features for becoming a partner?
How does Zapier integration work in Tability?

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