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Advice service via WhatsApp.
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God In A Box offers a unique service that allows users to access the powerful GPT-3.5 AI directly through Whatsapp. This AI, also known as ChatGPT, can provide advice on a range of topics from wound care to philosophy.

The base plan is free and allows up to 10 messages a month, while the paid plan offers unlimited messages for $9/month. God In A Box does not store messages on its servers, so conversations are kept private.

To prevent rate limit abuse, users can only send one message every 10 seconds and response lengths are truncated to 256 tokens. The Chromium headless browser and OpenAI davinci003 model are used for authentication safety and conversation context thread auto-reset after 10 minutes.

For those who need additional services or support, the company offers an Enterprise plan.


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Pros and Cons


Access via Whatsapp
Multiple topics advice
Free base plan
Preserves message privacy
Defined rate limit
Response length control
Chromium headless browser
Conversation auto-reset
Enterprise plan available
Updated to latest model
Affordable pricing
10 free messages per month
!reset command available
Authentication safety
Private texting
Prevents rate limit abuse
Individual accounts system
Support available


One message every 10 seconds
Truncated responses to 256 tokens
Auto-reset conversation after 10 minutes
Base plan only 10 messages/month
$9/month for unlimited messages
Need Enterprise for extra services
Rate limit abuse account block


What is God In A Box?
How does it work?
What is GPT-3.5?
How do I use God In A Box on WhatsApp?
What is the base plan pricing and what does it offer?
What is the cost of the unlimited message plan?
Will my conversations be stored on the server?
Why is there a 10-second limit between messages?
What does 'response lengths are truncated to 256 tokens' mean?
Why use Chromium headless browser and OpenAI davinci003 model?
What is the benefit of the conversation context thread auto-reset after 10 minutes?
Is there an Enterprise plan?
What is the maximum number of messages I can send for free each month?
What topics can God In A Box provide advice on?
What happens if I abuse rate limits?
What additional features are planned for future service plans?
What does the !reset command on WhatsApp do?
Does God In A Box understand context in conversations?
Is the God In A Box always updated to the latest model?
How can I get support if I have issues using God In A Box?

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