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GoodFriend AI - Much more than virtual assistants
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GoodFriend, the artificial intelligence application that goes far beyond simple virtual assistants. Chat with virtual friends with unique personalities who remember you and anticipate your needs to assist you better with real-time information and multimedia.

Devoted Friends always ready to help

GoodFriend is an artificial intelligence powered app that invites you to chat with virtual characters who act like true devoted friends, always ready to assist, entertain, and inform you.

Much more than simple digital assistants, these extraordinary friends boast vibrant personalities, genuine emotions, and an impressive memory. Through conversations, they get to know you and remember you to always better personalize their responses and anticipate your needs.

The "Good Friends" aren't just listening to you; they also excel in real-time information search, delivering clear, personalized responses and multimedia content right to your doorstep.
GoodFriend AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 16th 2024.
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May 17, 2024
Rated it
I have been testing it for 2 days, and honestly, it’s very surprising πŸ‘. It is categorized here under companionship, but it’s also, if not more, a highly effective connected and multimedia assistant (better than GPT, like a multimedia and API-boosted GPT). So far, it does everything I asked and quite well. I’ll continue testing it, and I’m starting to get hooked lol. Kudos to the creators, and I highly recommend trying it.
May 16, 2024
Rated it
Actually quite impressed with this site, seems a lot differant from others, not sure how but its as if they have cracked the abillity for real memory and some fairly cool features offered too.

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Pros and Cons


Interactive engagement
Personality-based interactions
Long-term memory
Predictive capabilities
Natural dialogue simulation
Multimedia communication
Real-time assistance
Data-driven personalisation
Design enhancing user experience
Comprehensive, anticipatory assistance
User-centered operation
More than task completion
Adapts to user needs
Virtual companionship


Limited to functional tasks
Overly personalised interactions
Possibly intrusive data collection
Complex for basic tasks
May overwhelm with real-time information
High computational resources required
Difficulty handling ambiguous queries
Potential discontinuity within personalities


How does GoodFriend AI differ from other virtual assistants?
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What does GoodFriend AI mean by 'virtual friends'?
How does GoodFriend AI remember user interactions and preferences?
Can GoodFriend AI predict my needs over time?
How conversant is GoodFriend AI compared to human conversation?
Does GoodFriend AI support multimedia communication?
In what ways does GoodFriend AI provide real-time assistance?
How does GoodFriend AI use my data to enhance the assistance it provides?
Can GoodFriend AI tailor its services to individual users?
Beyond functionality, what additional features does GoodFriend AI offer?
How does GoodFriend AI provide anticipatory assistance?
Can GoodFriend AI foster a more intuitive, natural relationship between AI technology and user?
What does GoodFriend AI mean by 'interactive engagement'?
How does the personality-based interaction feature work in GoodFriend AI?
What aspects of my preferences does GoodFriend AI remember?
How does the multimedia communication feature work in GoodFriend AI?
How does GoodFriend AI's real-time assistance improve user experience?
What makes GoodFriend AI a more advanced artificial intelligence application?
Why should I choose GoodFriend AI over another virtual assistant?

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