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Goodlisten is an AI-powered tool that facilitates the search, discovery, and sharing of podcast clips and episodes. With its advanced AI search capability, users can find exactly what they are looking for, and explore a wide variety of topics across over 50 categories.

Goodlisten's AI tags allow for convenient browsing of categories including comedy, business, entrepreneurship, marketing, leadership, and more. In addition to podcast discovery, Goodlisten also offers resources to promote personal growth and mental wellness, including categories such as mental health, self-care, and relationships.

For users with a focus on finance and investment, Goodlisten provides a range of categories that cover topics such as financial planning, debt management, and investment strategies.Goodlisten presents itself as a comprehensive tool for users to explore podcasts on various topics with an emphasis on AI-powered search and discovery.

By enabling users to access a broad range of podcast clips and episodes, Goodlisten opens up a world of opportunities for individuals to learn, grow, and engage with like-minded individuals.


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Pros and Cons


Over 50 categories
Resource for personal growth
Promotes mental wellness
Focus on financial education
Discovery of podcast clips
Podcast episodes access
Share podcast feature
Opportunities to engage users
Comedy podcasts
Business podcasts
Health focused podcasts
Feature on investment strategies
Covers debt management
Podcasts on various topics
Entrepreneurship content
Marketing related podcasts
Leadership podcasts
Mental health resources
Self-care podcasts
Health and wellness podcasts
Fitness podcasts
Podcasts on nutrition
Podcasts on relationships
Podcasts on personal development
Podcasts on communication
Podcasts on dating and love
Podcasts on parenting
Podcasts on finance
Podcasts on investment
Podcasts on personal finance
Podcasts on stock marketing
Podcasts on banking
Podcasts on budgeting
Podcasts on wealth management
Podcasts on taxes
Podcasts on insurance
Podcasts covering real estate
Podcasts on cryptocurrency
Podcasts on financial education
Technology category podcasts
Podcasts on social media
Podcasts on science
Podcasts on cybersecurity
Podcasts on blockchain
Podcasts on gaming
Podcasts on virtual reality
Podcasts on social issues
Podcasts on politics


No offline functionality
Lacks personalized recommendations
No mobile app
No episode bookmarking
No user profile creation
Doesn't support multiple languages
No audio speed control
No community engagement features


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Does Goodlisten cover topics related to finance and personal finance?
Does Goodlisten offer insights into technology, including AI and software development?
Does Goodlisten cover social issues and politics?
Can I sign in and get updates from Goodlisten?
What's Goodlisten Studio beta?
How do I give feedback or get support for Goodlisten?
What are the terms of use and privacy policy for Goodlisten?
Does Goodlisten have a voting link on Product Hunt?


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