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Traffic analysis and modeling for smart cities.
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GoodVision is an AI-powered tool designed for traffic modellers and surveyors in smart cities. It offers automation tools for various stages of traffic projects, including AI traffic data collection, traffic modelling, and real-time traffic control.

With GoodVision, users can conveniently collect traffic data for their surveys and benefit from automated traffic model calibration, saving time on manual labor.

The tool also provides detailed and accurate traffic events for traffic control systems in real-time.GoodVision leverages AI and big data analytics to provide adaptive traffic control and urban planning solutions, allowing traffic to flow based on highly accurate traffic insights.

This helps address urban traffic congestion, which leads to air pollution, accidents, and significant economic losses. Traffic management has become a crucial and complex problem for municipalities globally.Testimonials from customers indicate that GoodVision is a professional partner offering value with image recognition technology and products.

It is praised for its innovation capacity and contribution to successful research projects. The tool is regarded as advanced, fast, reliable, and providing visual representations that facilitate data interpretation for various mobility flows.GoodVision offers several products, including GoodVision Video Insights and GoodVision LiveTraffic.

The company also provides resources such as a blog, case studies, and a help portal. It is trusted by various organizations and allows users to subscribe to its newsletter for the latest updates and news.

Privacy policies and terms of service are also available on their website.


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GoodVision was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 20th 2023.
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