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Discover, customize, and deploy low-code AI solutions.
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Gooey.AI is a platform that integrates the best of private and open source AI, enabling users to discover, customize, and deploy AI solutions. It is designed primarily for developers and teams seeking to expedite the AI implementation process.

It stands apart by offering a unified platform for varied AI workflows, thereby eliminating the need to manage separate user credentials, access rights, and billing for different AI models.Some of its key offerings include access to private and open AI models from tech giants and startups, like OpenAI, Google, Microsoft, and ElevenLabs, among others.

It also enables users to compare and choose AI models best suited for their needs.To enhance productivity, Gooey.AI provides flexibility to create AI recipes with low-code and no-code options, facilitating rapid creation and deployment of AI solutions.

Different use-cases, such as marketing, development, finance, non-profits, operations, and branding and activation, can leverage these features to their advantage.For instance, developers can seamlessly integrate and scale their products with AI models, while the finance sector can generate high-quality reports from real-time data sources.

Non-profits can reach their diverse audience in local languages through AI-powered bots.Moreover, Gooey.AI hosts AI models from open-source communities on its scalable GPU cluster and facilitates easy integration with third-party APIs, communication platforms, and shared workflow services.

This aids users in keeping pace with the latest AI innovations without the burden of handling technological logistics. Finally, for organizations aiming to measure AI success, Gooey.AI provides case studies featuring measurable AI solutions.


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Gooey AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 28th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Unified platform
Composable blocks structure
Easy REST API access
Boosts SEO-optimized content
Low-code and no-code options
Interactive video bots
Personalized emails
Discord community for support
Scalable GPU cluster
Measurable case studies
Single billing account
Easy start with 1000 Credits
Cloud hosted or On-Prem structure
Various use-cases: marketing, development etc.
Efficient for non-profits
Eliminates management of separate credentials
Inclusive of feedback, retention & analytics
Creates artistic QR codes
Generates personalized animations and imagery
Offers intelligent Slack bots
Enables high-quality reports generation
Integrates with communication platforms
Simplifies technological logistics
Plug-and-play API
One-click workflows shareability
On-premise deployment for enterprises
Especially suited for developers
Easily replicate workflows
Facilitates workflow testing and feedback
Unified billing structure
Open-source vision
Shareable workflow results
Extensive customization for workflows
Supports multiple languages
Integration with real-time data sources
Helps in boosting search rank
Supports COPPA and PIA


Limited to predefined workflows
May struggle with complex customization
Possibly overwhelming feature options
Limited language support for bots
Integration challenges with third-party APIs
Billing complications with multiple workflows
Limited to REST API for integration
Low/no-code option limitations
Resource limits on scalable GPU
Reliance on community for support


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Can I use Gooey.AI to generate personalized emails?
What industries can benefit from using Gooey.AI?
Which AI giants' models can I access through Gooey.AI?
Does Gooey.AI offer any low-code or no-code options?
How does Gooey.AI handle user credentials and billing for different AI models?
How can Gooey.AI help nonprofits to reach audiences in local languages?
What is the significance of Gooey.AI's composable blocks such as Intelligent Text, LipSync, Image from Text, etc?
Can I create AI-generated backgrounds using Gooey.AI?

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