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Efficient search engine for fast, in-depth exploration.
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SGE (Search Generative Experience) is a new way to search powered by generative AI developed by Google. With SGE, users can find what they're looking for in faster and easier ways by leveraging AI-powered overviews and the ability to ask follow-up questions directly in Google Search.

This early stage experience aims to provide users with quick insights and pointers to explore further on a topic. By opting into SGE in Search Labs, which is currently only available in the US (English), users can access this new search experience.

To get started, users can tap the Labs icon in the latest version of the Google app (Android or iOS) or on Chrome desktop.Some notable features of SGE include the ability to quickly get the gist of a topic with factors to consider and pointers for further exploration.

Users can also dive deeper into a topic in a conversational manner by asking follow-up questions. Additionally, SGE allows users to access high-quality results and perspectives that Google is known for.It is important to note that this new experience is still in its early stage, so the quality may vary.

User feedback is encouraged to help improve the experience further.For those looking to explore more or learn about the details of this new experience, Google provides a blog, a help center with instructions and FAQs, and information about other experiments from Google's Labs.


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Pros and Cons


Fast, in-depth exploration
Follow-up questions in search
Insights for topic exploration
Access high-quality results
Conversational interface
Handles specific questions
Contextual information for decisions
Gives range of product options
User feedback for improvement
Help center and FAQs
Labs experiment information
Localized usage (US English)
Compatible with Android, iOS, Chrome
Easy exploration and next steps
Blog for detailed understanding


US (English) only
Varied quality (early stage)
Requires the latest Google app
Limited to Google Search
Depends on user feedback
Only Android, iOS, Chrome desktop
No open API access
Doesn't support multiple languages


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