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Invest like WallStreet at the speed of thought.
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Gorilla Terminal is a tool designed to streamline and democratize investment research, intended for all kinds of investors. Whether you are a novice individual investor or a seasoned professional, this tool is designed to help you conduct in-depth research more efficiently.

It eliminates the constraints of traditional investment research methods and allows users to carry out research at their own pace and according to their own thought processes.

It aligns with the concept of investing like seasoned Wall Street professionals but in a more user-friendly manner. The tool provides users with access to a wide range of data points and resources that can be used to make informed investment decisions.

It presents complex investment information in an easily digestible and intuitive format, putting comprehensive market insights at user's fingertips. It aims to foster informed decision making in the investing sphere by empowering users with the right information at the right time.

By condensing vast amounts of market data into actionable insights, Gorilla Terminal helps users identify, analyze, and respond to market trends more efficiently to potentially increase their investment returns.


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Gorilla Terminal was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 7th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Designed for professional traders
Includes macro-economic data
Provides industry analysis
Offers supply chain analysis
Performs regression analysis
Calculates value at risk
Shows sector overviews
Regular news updates
Includes financial statement reviews
Assists in deep revenue study
Margin statement reviews
Streamlines investment research
Suitable for all investors
Empowers user-paced research
User-friendly tools
Comprehensive dataset access
Presents data intuitively
Facilitates informed decision making
Condenses market data
Helps in identifying trends
Enhances efficiency in research
Potential increase in returns
Invest like Wall Street
Interactive interface
Vast market insights
Customizable according to thoughts
Democratizes investing
Personal finance capabilities
Aligns with Wall-Street standards
Digests complex information


Doesn't support real-time updates
No integration with trading platforms
No offline use
Not for beginner investors
Interface may be overwhelming
May lack custom filters
Excludes alternative investments
No mobile app
Potential data overload
Limited user support


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