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Secure audio transcription with advanced editing.
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GoWhisper is a cross-platform desktop application that helps users transcribe audio files in a seamless and secure manner. It prioritizes user privacy by allowing transcription to be done locally on the user's machine, eliminating the need for cloud-based services and monthly fees.The tool offers advanced features such as support for up to 99 languages, intuitive editing capabilities, and versatile export options including SRT, TXT, VTT, and CSV formats.

This allows users to easily customize the output according to their needs.GoWhisper is ideal for various professionals and content creators. Researchers can transcribe interviews and audio recordings for analysis and study, while podcasters can transcribe their episodes to create blog posts or captions for their audience.

Content creators can transcribe video content for accessibility or SEO purposes, and journalists can transcribe interviews or press briefings for accurate reporting.

Additionally, small business owners can transcribe meetings or webinars for reference and documentation, while legal professionals can transcribe depositions, court hearings, or other legal proceedings.With a one-time payment model, users can enjoy unlimited transcription without the need for ongoing subscriptions.

The tool has received positive feedback from users, highlighting its offline functionality, privacy and security, and seamless audio-to-text conversion.GoWhisper offers a free version with unlimited transcription and basic features, as well as a pro version with additional AI models, advanced functionalities like find and replace, API transcription integration, and priority support.


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