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Detects fake text with high accuracy.
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GPT-2 Output Detector is an online demo of a machine learning model designed to detect the authenticity of text inputs. It is based on the RoBERTa model developed by HuggingFace and OpenAI and is implemented using the πŸ€—/Transformers library.

The demo allows users to enter text into a text box and receive a prediction of the text's authenticity, with probabilities displayed below. The model is most reliable after a minimum of 50 tokens have been entered.

GPT-2 Output Detector enables users to quickly and accurately identify potential fake or fraudulent text inputs, and can be used for a variety of applications, such as detecting the authenticity of news articles or filtering out spam.


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GPT-2 Output Detector was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 18th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


High accuracy detection
Based on RoBERTa model
Implemented with Transformers library
Online demo available
Authenticity prediction feature
Optimal after 50 tokens
Identifies fake/fraudulent text
Applicable to numerous contexts
Useful for authenticity checks
News articles verification
Spam filtering application
Predicted probabilities displayed


Requires minimum 50 tokens
No API available
Online-only tool
No batch processing
Limited to text inputs


What is GPT-2 Output Detector?
How does GPT-2 Output Detector work?
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How do I interact with GPT-2 Output Detector?
What information will GPT-2 Output Detector provide about a piece of text?
How accurate is GPT-2 Output Detector?
What's the minimum token requirement for reliable results from GPT-2 Output Detector?
Can I use GPT-2 Output Detector to detect fraudulence or fakeness in text?
What kinds of applications is GPT-2 Output Detector suitable for?
How does GPT-2 Output Detector determine the authenticity of a text?
What is the importance of probabilities in GPT-2 Output Detector's predictions?
Is GPT-2 Output Detector available for use online?
What is the purpose of the text box in the GPT-2 Output Detector demo?
How effective is GPT-2 Output Detector in detecting fake news articles?
Can GPT-2 Output Detector be used for spam filtering?
Is there a demo version of GPT-2 Output Detector?
How does GPT-2 Output Detector predict the authenticity of a piece of text?
What is the significance of GPT-2 Output Detector's outputβ€”real or fake?


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