Q&A 25 Feb 2023
GPT-3 AI Avatar
Chatbot that answers questions and triggers actions.

Generated by ChatGPT

No-Code AI Avatar is an innovative concept that combines AI technology with no-code automation. It enables users to ask questions and receive answers in a conversational manner.

The Avatar can remember notes and information given to it, and even trigger automated actions through the use of APIs. It is powered by Airtable, Make, Pinecone, Shortcuts, and ElevenLabs, which are all paid services.

This PDF provides a step-by-step guide on how to create a core mechanism for the Avatar, including memorizing, forgetting, and answering based on the information stored in Airtable.

It also contains a blueprint for Make.com to make the process easier. The Avatar is not perfect, and its accuracy is dependent on the quality of the data and prompts given.

However, it is a great tool for automating tasks, connecting to other services, and having conversations with an AI-powered Avatar.


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