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Experience seamless browsing with GPT-EW, your AI chat companion on every website.
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GPT-EW is a Chrome extension designed to enhance the web browsing experience by integrating the capabilities of ChatGPT AI into it. The tool brings the power of AI to each website the user visits, aiming to provide instantaneous help, information and personalized guidance.

Serving as an intelligent AI chat assistant, GPT-EW blends seamlessly with the user's web browser, adding a layer of smart interaction without disrupting normal browsing workflow.

The tool leverages advanced AI technology to facilitate concise, context-aware web interactions. It interprets and responds to web content, resulting in a tailored browsing assistance and valuable insights.

GPT-EW provides real-time assistance on any webpage, offering immediate information and guidance as users navigate the web. To use GPT-EW, users need to sign up and install the extension on their browser.

They can then engage with the AI on any webpage by asking questions or seeking guidance. Example applications include finding recommended AI courses on Coursera, navigating complex Excel formulas in Google Sheets, personalizing shopping experiences on Amazon, and improving content creation on Google Docs.

Activation is easy: with a single click, any webpage is transformed into an interactive AI interface that responds to the content being viewed.


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GPT-EW was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 1st 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Chrome extension
Real-time web assistance
Personalized guidance
Context-aware interactions
Seamless browser integration
Interprets web content
Single-click activation
Multi-website compatibility
Help in course recommendations
Assistance with Excel formulas
Personalized shopping experience
Improved content creation
Easy signup process
Natural language response
Applicable to all webpages
Enhanced learning journey
Aids in gift selection
Facilitates creative brainstorming
No disruption to workflow
Adapts to user needs
Facilitates concise interactions
Offers valuable insights
Can be deactivated
Self-guided tour provided
Zero subscription plan available
Pay-as-you-go pricing
No hidden fees
Start free trial option
Constant companion on web
Innovative navigation experience


Only works on Chrome
Requires sign-up
Not free
Pay-per-word pricing
Real-time assistance unclear
Potential privacy concerns
Lack of offline functionality
May slow browsing speed
Dependent on web content quality
May not support all websites


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What browsers is GPT-EW compatible with?
Does GPT-EW offer personalized guidance?
Can GPT-EW interpret and respond to web content?
Can GPT-EW help me to find recommended courses on Coursera?
How can GPT-EW simplify using complex Excel formulas in Google Sheets?
Is GPT-EW helpful for content creation on Google Docs?
Will the usage of GPT-EW disrupt my normal browsing workflow?
What kind of information can GPT-EW provide about the websites I browse?
Can GPT-EW provide guidance for online shopping, for example on Amazon?
How to install GPT-EW on my browser?
Do I need to sign up to use GPT-EW?
Is there a fee for using GPT-EW?
What features does GPT-EW offer?
Can GPT-EW assist me in my specific browsing needs?
How does GPT-EW facilitate context-aware web interactions?

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