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GPT-EZ is a free Chrome extension designed to enhance the user experience for ChatGPT, a conversational language model developed by OpenAI. The extension provides new features to customize the ChatGPT interface and enable users to download and share their conversations in multiple formats.

With 15 different color schemes to choose from, users can easily customize the ChatGPT interface according to their preferences. The extension also supports multi-language output, so users can choose the language for each conversation output.

GPT-EZ allows users to download their conversations in several formats, including PDF, DOCX, TXT, MD, and PNG, making it easy to store and share conversations outside the ChatGPT platform.

The extension also provides a shareable link, allowing users to share their conversations privately and anonymously. GPT-EZ is a free extension, and there are more features planned for the future.

This extension is not affiliated with or endorsed by ChatGPT or OpenAI L.L.C. Users can install GPT-EZ from the Chrome Web Store and access its features directly from the ChatGPT interface.

Overall, GPT-EZ is a useful tool for ChatGPT users looking to customize their experience and share their conversations in various formats.


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GPT-EZ was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 12th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Free Chrome extension
Customizable interface
15 different color schemes
Multi-language output support
Conversations downloadable in multiple formats
Supports PDF, DOCX, TXT, MD, PNG formats
Share conversations privately
Anonymous conversation sharing
Direct access from ChatGPT interface
Interface enhancements for ChatGPT
Shareable link generation
Future feature developments planned
Easy installation via Chrome Web Store


Only for Chrome browser
Not affiliated with ChatGPT
No API for integration
Limited to ChatGPT platform
No open source code
Doesn't support input customization
No encryption for sharing
Limited color scheme customization
No advanced language settings
May not reliably update


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Is it possible to share my conversations with GPT-EZ?
Are shared conversations via GPT-EZ anonymous and private?
How does GPT-EZ enhance my experience using ChatGPT?
Does GPT-EZ have association with ChatGPT or OpenAI L.L.C?
What are the future plans for GPT-EZ?
How to install GPT-EZ?
Where can I access the features of GPT-EZ within the ChatGPT platform?
Are there different themes available for customization in GPT-EZ?
Can I save my ChatGPT conversations as PNG files using GPT-EZ?
How to use the Share feature provided by GPT-EZ?
Is there a way to share my conversations directly from GPT-EZ?
Which languages are supported by GPT-EZ?
What benefits do I get by installing the GPT-EZ extension?

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