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Automated creation of professional presentation slides.
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GPT for Slides is an AI-powered tool that enables users to create professional-looking presentation slides from any piece of text in seconds. It is a Google Slides add-on that is easy to install, with the setup process taking only eight minutes.

All that is needed is a Google account and an OpenAI account, and no money is required to use the tool. Once the add-on is installed, users enter a topic and a desired slide count, and the tool will generate a presentation that summarizes the topic.

The whole process takes less than 60 seconds, and the results are sure to impress. With GPT for Slides, users can create professional-looking presentations without spending hours researching and crafting each individual slide.


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GPT for Slides was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 1st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Google Slides Add-On
Easy Installation within 8min
Requires only Google account
Free to use
Automatic presentation generation
Speedy creation <60 sec
Impressive professional output
Cross-platform compatibility
User-friendly interface
Customizable slide count
Summarizes any text
Allows topic input
Quick setup process
No extra downloads
Preference based outcomes
Multiple usage options
Guided tutorial available
Dedicated customer support
Increases productivity
Saves time and effort
Enhances presentation quality
No design skills required
Efficient research tool
24/7 availability
Secure data handling
Promotes seamless workflow
No monetary investment
Compatible with all devices
Highly interactive tool
Simplifies presentation creation
Complements Google Workspace
Low learning curve
Updated frequently
Versatile usage scenarios
Extensive language support
Accurate content summarization
Facilitates rapid prototyping
Innovation in presentation tool
Frees up creative time
Helps in data visualization
Impressive content quality
Eliminates manual work
Automatic updates
Powerful text analysis


Requires Google account
Dependent on Google Slides
No Offline capability
No control over slide layout
Not user-customizable
Limited to text-based content
Lack of human touch
May lack context understanding


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