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GPT Hotline is an AI chatbot tool that integrates with WhatsApp, allowing users to interact with the AI capabilities known from ChatGPT directly from within their favorite messaging platform.

The tool offers versatile functionalities such as carrying forward previous conversations, querying past chats, and introducing special commands to create and edit images or videos as well as stay current with news updates.

An interesting functionality of GPT Hotline is the power to edit images based on user instructions and return the modified version. The AI tool also supports speech-to-text functionality, enabling the sending of English language voice messages to GPT for processing and response.

Additionally, GPT Hotline can be used to set reminders, which the tool will timely signal to the user. To use the tool, users need to sign up for the GPT Pro Plan and register their phone number.

This allows them to start interacting with the advanced AI chatbot via text messages on their phone.

GPT Hotline was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 26th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Retains chat history
Special commands availability
Media editing functionality
Interactive image editing
Video editing capabilities
Speech-to-text functionality
Voice messaging-supported
Reminder setting feature
Non-app based interaction
Requires only Phone number registration
Discount code for Pro Plan
Refund on cancellation
Enables content sharing
Maintains previous conversations
Introduction of power commands
Supports image modification
English-language voice message support
No additional downloads
Integrated with advanced ChatGPT
Uses known messaging platform
Carries forward past conversations
Queries past chats
Supports special command creation
Allows image/video creations
Ease of sign up
Accessible on any phone
Enhances user convenience
Translates voice to text
Sends timely reminders
User-friendly use
Enables faster query resolutions
Avoids need for new apps
Enables easy news updates
Supports effective task management
Personal connection via voice messages
Offers advanced chatbot features
Offers seamless chat transitions


English-only voice messages
Requires Pro Plan subscription
No app, only WhatsApp integration
Dependent on user's phone number
Limited to text and voice
No offline functionality
No multi-language support
Limited reminder functionality
Requires regular updates
Cannot initiate conversations


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