Prompt testing 27 Mar 2023
GPT Prompt Tuner
Generated multi-variance prompts for ChatGPT.

Generated by ChatGPT

GPT Prompt Tuner is an AI tool that allows users to generate multiple variations of prompts for ChatGPT, a deep learning language model used for conversational AI.

The tool uses AI to create finely-tuned and well-written versions of a provided prompt, allowing users to run all variations through different ChatGPT windows at the same time.

With this feature, users can decide which version of the prompt produces the best results and continue the conversation without having to switch tabs or conversations.

GPT Prompt Tuner is fully customizable, allowing users to edit their prompts and receive messages from ChatGPT simultaneously. The tool provides flexible subscription plans that suit different user needs, with the option to use their OpenAI API key or to use the tool's API key if they don't have one.

GPT Prompt Tuner can be useful for professionals in the emerging field of Prompt Engineering, which can earn up to $335k/year, to gain a competitive edge in generating excellent prompts for ChatGPT.

The tool is user-friendly, as shown in the provided video on the website. Users can easily sign up or log in to the website and reach out to support via email.

Overall, GPT Prompt Tuner is a valuable tool for generating multiple, high-quality prompts for ChatGPT simultaneously.

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· May 27, 2023
No FREE version, trying to get users by not disclosing these facts

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Pros and Cons


Generates multi-variance prompts
Run prompts simultaneously
No need to switch tabs
Fully customizable prompts
Flexible subscription plans
Offers own API key
Supports Prompt Engineering field
User-friendly interface
Quick sign up/login process
Easy to contact support
Generates finely-tuned prompts
Quality prompt generation
Can edit prompts live
Asynchronous ChatGPT windows
Multiple ChatGPT windows support
Runs multiple conversations in parallel
Can manually add/edit variations
Supports simultaneous messages with ChatGPT
Useful for competition in Prompt Engineering
Video guide provided
Iterative prompt improvement
Personalized prompt generation
Free trial available
Various plans for different needs
Supports both monthly and yearly subscriptions
Option for enterprise plan
4000 messages per month
Unlimited tunings per subscription
Supports unlimited prompts
Single prompt produces multiple conversations
Optimized for ChatGPT
Specializes in prompt iterations
Direct billing for usage
Convenient for prompt testing
Facilitates parallel testing
Payment plans for affordability
Single tool for prompt tuning
Facilitates conversation continuity
Supports professional prompt engineering
Email support


No offline usage
Limited to ChatGPT
No multi-platform support
No real-time collaboration features
No version history
No local language support
4,000 messages/month limit
No free tier available


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How can I contact the support of GPT Prompt Tuner?
How can GPT Prompt Tuner assist in the field of Prompt Engineering?

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