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Personalized prompts for enhanced productivity in chat.
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GPTSidePanel is a Chrome extension that aims to provide an enhanced experience for users of GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) tools. With GPTSidePanel, users can quickly access their GPT tools, leading to improved productivity.

One of the main features of GPTSidePanel is the ability to add personalized prompts. Users can easily add frequently used prompts and utilize them with a single click on webpages, resulting in a productivity boost of up to 5 times.

Additionally, GPTSidePanel provides side panel access in every webpage, allowing users to visually see the chat context and have separate conversations in each webpage with the help of a chat window.The extension also retains conversation history, enabling users to browse and clear each conversation.

GPTSidePanel supports various commands like translate, summary, explain, and polish. Moreover, users can customize their GPTSidePanel experience by adjusting API models and preferred languages through easy-to-access settings.

Installing GPTSidePanel is a straightforward process through the Chrome Web Store, and the extension currently supports Chrome, with potential support for other browsers in the future.

GPTSidePanel is currently in its free Beta testing phase, with plans for future feature updates and improvements.GPTSidePanel is suitable for anyone looking to enhance their work efficiency through the utilization of GPT tools.


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