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GPT SMS is an AI-powered tool that enables users to interact with an AI assistant through SMS. With GPT SMS, users can access the power of AI, anytime and anywhere, without the need for internet access or advanced devices.

By harnessing the capabilities of OpenAI, GPT SMS is designed to bridge the gap between AI technology and traditional text messaging, making it accessible to a wider audience.Currently, GPT SMS has one dedicated phone number available for users to access the service.

However, as the project progresses and gains support, they plan to expand their coverage by adding more phone numbers to use in different regions.It is important to note that GPT SMS is still under development, and as they work on implementing new features and improvements, the service may occasionally experience disruptions.

Users can support the project by contributing to help maintain and improve their infrastructure, expand their range of available phone numbers, and further develop the platform to better serve users.The GPT SMS infrastructure is powered by OpenAI, Vonage, Heroku, and OVH.

Users can access additional information and the GitHub repository on their website or contact them via email for additional inquiries.


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Pros and Cons


SMS interface
No internet needed
Accessible on basic devices
One dedicated phone number
Plans for regional expansion
Infrastructure improvement insights
Open for contributions
French number available
Powered by Vonage
Runs on Heroku
OVH infrastructure support
GitHub repository access
Email support availability
Continual development and improvements
Transparent about service disruptions


One available phone number
Occasional service disruptions
Under ongoing development
Limited regional coverage
Relies on user support
Only accessible via SMS
Region-specific costs
Infrastructure spread across providers


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Can I use GPT SMS from any country?
How do I interact with the AI assistant in GPT SMS?
What infrastructure power the GPT SMS?
Are there any disruptions in the GPT SMS service?
Is the GPT SMS tool accessible on all devices?
What kind of responses can I expect from the GPT SMS?
Does GPT SMS have a GitHub repository?
Who do I contact for inquiries regarding GPT SMS?
Are there future plans to expand the coverage of GPT SMS?
What is the current stage of development for GPT SMS?
What happens when GPT SMS experiences service disruptions?
What kind of information can I get from the GPT SMS website?

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