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Build your custom tourist itinerary in Mallorca powered by AI
Generated by ChatGPT's AI-powered tool is designed to help tourists create personalized itineraries for Mallorca. The tool generates customized schedules based on the user's arrival date and preferences, providing an interactive and easy-to-use platform for planning a trip to the Balearic island.

By leveraging AI technology, the tool can offer tailored suggestions on things to do, see and experience on the island, enhancing the user's overall travel experience.

Visitors can use this intuitive tool to organize their activities and optimize their time spent in Mallorca. The platform is a product by, an online accommodation service.

Please note that specific features and functionalities may be adjusted over time as the service provider continues to refine and enhance the tool based on feedback and needs of the users.


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Nov 9, 2023
Nice UI but only shows suggestions under 5 days which isnt realistic for most of my vacations

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Pros and Cons


Generates personalized itineraries
Factors in user input
Customizable through GitHub
Supported by app creator
Recommends unique activities
User preference-based system
Online accommodation service
Interactive planning platform
Travel optimization feature
Activity planning tool
Adaptable features over time
User feedback incorporation
Helps optimize travel time
Encourages unique travel experiences
Location-specific tool
Open-source code
GPLUs for high performance
Specific arrival date adaptation
Developer support available
Community-driven development


No multi-destination support
Lacks real-time updates
No integration with bookings
No offline mode
Only focuses on Mallorca
Minimum user customization
Limited accommodation suggestions
Doesn't support all devices
Limited activity suggestions
Dependent on user reviews


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