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Assessed technical skills of engineers for recruitment.
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Gpt-vetting is a technical vetting tool powered by AI. It is designed to provide a quick and accurate assessment of software engineers' skills and is used to source through many candidates efficiently.

The tool makes use of GPT-4 technology to test engineers, and the test can be completed in just 15 minutes. The report generated by the tool includes an evaluation of each tech stack and a rating out of ten, soft skills assessment as well as cheating probability.

The test is designed to give a more accurate representation of a candidate's skills rather than relying on the resume, which is often inaccurate. The tool aims to reduce both recruitment time and costs by mitigating cheating through a voice recording module, a 2-minute timer question that starts right away, active proctoring, an AI classifier, and more.

Gpt-vetting is ideal for companies looking to source the best talent globally and avoid the lengthy recruitment cycle that often involves multiple interview rounds and unsuitable candidates.

Additionally, gpt-vetting is currently in beta, and users can join the waitlist to gain early access to the software. Overall, the tool provides a reliable, efficient and accurate solution for companies looking to quickly and accurately assess technical talent and streamline their recruitment process.


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Gpt Vetting was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 31st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Quick 15-minute tests
GPT-4 technology
Evaluates tech stack
Out of 10 rating
Assesses soft skills
Detects cheating probability
Misses inaccurate resumes
Mitigates recruitment costs
Reduces time-to-hire
Voice recording module
2-minute timed questions
Active proctoring
Ideal for global sourcing
Accelerated recruitment cycle
Waitlist for early access
Reliable and efficient
Assesses technical talent
Cheating mitigation system
Streamlined recruitment process
Accurate representations
Measures software engineers
Currently in beta
Cheating probability report
Partner visibility
Eliminates unsuitable candidates
Shares basic candidate details
Impartial talent assessment
Avoids lengthy interviews
Reports assess each tech stack
Soft skills rating
Hires top 1% engineers


In beta stage
Waitlist for access
Test duration limited to 15minutes
Only targets software engineers
Doesn't support other recruitment areas
Proctoring potentially intrusive
Doesn't offer resume assessments
Reliance on GPT-4 technology
May disregard unconventional skillsets
Not specified for remote vetting


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