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Automates content & data cleaning in Google Workspace.
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GPT Workspace is an AI tool add-on for Google Workspace tools such as Google Sheets, Docs, Slides, Gmail, and Drive that allows users to enhance their productivity through the use of ChatGPT & Bard AI.

This tool provides a range of features including data extraction, categorization, and cleaning through the GPT_FILL and GPT_ARRAY functions, and content generation for taglines, blogs, speeches, and email replies.

GPT can also be used to summarize, recap, rephrase, extend, and shrink paragraphs in over 30 languages. GPT Workspace is easy to use as it is seamlessly integrated with Google Workspace tools for effortless use, and no registration or credit card is required to use the free plan.

This tool also values user privacy and does not read user data, with access only to email addresses and metadata to identify the account, payment, and files that GPT should work on.

Furthermore, it is GDPR compliant, with the option to exercise a right of access, correction and removal of personal data. GPT Workspace is highly regarded by 100,000+ users from companies and organizations across the world, including Harvard University, Netflix, and Shopify.

The tool comes with a simple and transparent pricing plan, with no restrictions on features for the free plan and a premium plan for unlimited prompts, priority support, team billing, and access to the latest GPT models like GPT-4.

The tool also offers a 30-day refund policy for canceled premium subscriptions.


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GPT Workspace was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 24th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automates content & data cleaning
Works with Google Workspace tools
Content generation features
Extracts, categorizes, cleans data
Functions: GPT_FILL and GPT_ARRAY
Generates taglines, blogs, speeches
Suggests email replies
Summarizes, recaps, rephrases content
Shrinks, extends paragraphs
Supports over 30 languages
Seamlessly integrated with Google Workspace
No registration or credit card
Does not read user data
Access only to limited information
GDPR compliant
Utilized by 100,000+ users
Respected by companies, organizations worldwide
Transparent pricing plan
Free plan with no feature restrictions
Premium plan benefits
Access to latest GPT models
30 day refund policy
Runs custom prompts on PDFs
Generates complete presentation decks
Generates detailed Slides descriptions
Suggests clear, compelling writing
Correct and edit paragraphs
Easy to use interface
No credit card for free use
Values user privacy
Great user reviews
Unlimited prompts for premium
Team billing for easy management
Auto-suggested email replies
Ideal for Sheets, Docs, Slides
Future-proof technology
No access to user files
Data stays on Google's servers
Option to exercise data rights
Free plan unrestricted
No trial periods
Manage subscription easily
Cancellation is immediate


Limited to Google Workspace
No credit card payments
Access to email addresses
Lack of real-time collaboration
Potential language translation errors
Dependence on prompt limits
Limited Gmail functionalities
Charged for premium support
Limited access to latest models


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Does GPT Workspace require any credit card information for a free plan?
What happens if I decide to cancel my premium subscription of GPT Workspace?


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