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Unleash your productivity with GPT-4o and Gemini in Google Workspace
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GPT Workspace is a productivity-enhancing tool that consolidates the functionalities of GPT-4o and Gemini for use within Google Workspace. This means users can utilize these advanced language models across Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Slides, Gmail and Google Drive.

In Google Sheets, it enables users to carry out tasks such as categorizing, summarizing, classifying, cleaning up, and extracting data as well as generating entire arrays and lists.

In Google Slides, it has the capability to automatically generate content, slides, and full presentations complete with images and detailed descriptions.

As for Google Docs, GPT Workspace can produce various content including taglines, blogs, speeches, and provides assistance to recap, rephrase, improve, and fix grammar in written content.

GPT Workspace in Gmail suggests ways of making written communication clearer, more compelling and more authentic. Lastly, in Google Drive, it allows users to summarize and customise prompts on various file types such as PDFs, Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

GPT Workspace does not have access to user's data and files, fulfilling stringent privacy and data protection standards. It's designed for seamless integration with Google Workspace tools, enhancing user productivity and writing quality across different applications.


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GPT Workspace was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 24th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Seamlessly integrated with Google Workspace
Doesn't require credit card for free plan
Supports over 30 languages
Includes content generation features
Automates data extraction and cleaning
Supports functions like GPT_FILL and GPT_ARRAY
Respects user privacy
No data reading
GDPR compliant
Ability to access, correct, and remove personal data
High ratings by 100,000+ users
Trusted by reputable companies
Transparent pricing
Free plan with no feature restrictions
Premium plan for unlimited prompts
Premium plan offers priority support
Premium plan provides latest GPT models
30-day refund policy
Supports data categorization
Compatible with Gmail, Drive, Sheets, etc.
Supports document recapping, rephrasing, extention, shrinking
Includes grammar correction
Automates presentation generation
Offers customization on various file types
Does not access user's data and files
Suggests improvements for communication clarity
Supports array and list generation
Existing reviews and installs from users
Enhanced user productivity
Conforms to high privacy and data protection standards
Supercharges writing with GPT for Docs
Even non-paying users can access features
Suggests appropriate replies in Gmail
Only requires access for chosen file to work on
Cancelling subscription still gives access until end
Offers refunds for Premium subscription cancellations
Implementation of GPT-4o and Gemini models
Free extension is available
Browser extension available for Chrome
Understands the context of Gmail conversation
Can enhance accuracy in predictions
Allows for effective integration and customization of solutions


Limited to Google Workspace
Not open-source
No offline functionality
Dependent on Google account
No on-premise deployment
Limited model customization
Accessibility to only Gmail metadata
Limited to text-content-related tasks
Doesn't work with Microsoft, Apple, and other ecosystems
No multi-account support


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