Coding in VScode 2023-03-11
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Code generation and optimization for improved quality.
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GPT95 is a VSCode extension built with ChatGPT AI that generates code, debugs and refactors it, explains intricate functions, and creates documentation in Natural Language.

The tool is designed to improve code quality and readability, optimize performance, save time, and reduce frustration with the help of AI technology. The extension is inspired by Windows95 and offers a slick user interface.

The tool works by generating code from prompts that are fed into the ChatGPT AI, which then produces code with contextual awareness. The generated code is optimized for improved quality and readability by identifying and improving performance bottlenecks and errors found in the code.

The tool helps to understand and learn complicated code by providing explanations in natural language, and it can generate documentation in just a few clicks.

Users can choose between two pricing plans, monthly or yearly, and two options, one for students ($2/monthly) and one for developers ($4/monthly). Fine-tuned GPT3 Code Model is available for developers, which can be incorporated into the tool for even more advanced code generation capabilities.

A 3-day free trial is also available before committing to a paid plan. The tool provides secure and private services as user codes are never shared or used to train AI models.

Users can cancel their subscription at any time, and the GPT95 team offers a roadmap of future features and IDE integrations for the tool.


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Pros and Cons


Generates code from prompts
Optimizes performance of code
Improves code readability
Explains intricate functions
Generates documentation automatically
Secure and private service
Subscription cancellation at any time
Retro, user-friendly UI
Two pricing options for users
Special pricing for students
Incorporates Fine-tuned GPT3 Code Model
Available as an extension for VSCode
Provides a roadmap for future features
3-day free trial available
Helps debug and refactor code
Identifies performance bottlenecks
Automatically finds and fixes errors
Helps learn complex code
Saves time on documentation creation
Offers IDE integration in roadmap
Low-cost subscription
No additional costs for API usage
Educational value for students


Only works on VScode
Prioritizes quality over performance
Code understanding can vary
Limited fine-tuning options
Minimal subscription flexibility
No offline capabilities
Limited IDE integrations
Only two pricing plans
Code privacy can't be validated


What is GPT95?
How does GPT95 work?
What is the ChatGPTAI used in GPT95?
What are the major workable features in GPT95?
Can GPT95 help me understand complicated functions?
Does GPT95 improve code quality and how?
What is the cost of using GPT95?
Are there different pricing plans available for GPT95?
Is there a free trial for GPT95?
How to sign up or sign in to GPT95?
What additional capabilities can be accessed with the Fine-tuned GPT3 Code Model?
How secure and private is GPT95?
How can I cancel my subscription of GPT95 if needed?
Is GPT95 built as an extension for VSCode?
Is there any roadmap of future enhancements to GPT95?
Is GPT95 designed with a Windows95 inspired interface?
How does GPT95 generate code?
What are the debugging capabilities of GPT95?
Does GPT95 offer any support in creating documentation?
Can GPT95 identify and improve performance bottlenecks in the code?


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