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Boosted productivity via prompt generation for ChatGPT.
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GPTMagicPrompts is a Chrome extension designed to enhance productivity for users of ChatGPT. With just a few clicks, users can access advanced prompts for ChatGPT, saving time and improving productivity.

The tool offers expert-curated prompts for a wide range of topics, allowing users to generate high-quality responses quickly. GPTMagicPrompts continuously learns and adapts to users' needs, ensuring that it remains valuable over time.

The extension seamlessly integrates with ChatGPT, requiring no additional setup. Users have reported significant time savings and increased efficiency when using GPTMagicPrompts.

They have praised its ability to generate high-quality prompts, allowing them to spend less time tinkering with ChatGPT and more time on actual tasks.

Users from various professions, such as freelance writers, students, software developers, financial analysts, and research scientists, have shared their positive experiences with the tool, highlighting its effectiveness and impact on their productivity.

Overall, GPTMagicPrompts offers a convenient solution for users seeking advanced prompts for ChatGPT. Whether in need of prompt ideas for writing, coding, research, or other tasks, this Chrome extension provides a user-friendly and efficient way to enhance productivity and achieve better results.


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GPTMagicPrompts was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 6th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Boosted productivity
Easily accessible prompts
Expert-curated prompts
Continuous learning and adaptation
Seamless integration with ChatGPT
No additional setup required
Time-saving tool
Increases efficiency
Improves quality of responses
Adaptable to various professions
User-friendly interface
Facilitates better results
Promotes creative idea generation
Works across different topics
Helpful for academic research
Useful for code documentation
Aids in market analysis
Broadens exploration of ideas
Practical for freelancers
Beneficial for students and researchers
Support for software developers
Advantageous for financial analysts
Chrome extension feature
Positive user testimonials
Regular updates for improved performance
Advanced ChatGPT prompts
Available globally
Designed for productivity boost
Easy installation process
Lightweight on system resources
Developer support provided
Transparent privacy policy


Chrome-only extension
Prompts quality varies
No other browsers support
Cannot be used offline
No customization options
Limited user base
Potential privacy issues
Relies solely on ChatGPT
No multi-language support
No version history


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