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Unlock the value of your customer meetings with Grain AI.
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Grain AI is a tool designed to enhance productivity in customer meetings. It uses AI technology to automate administrative tasks, including taking notes and documenting essential information during calls.

Grain AI offers a flexible structure that can accommodate the unique requirements of different meetings. This tool customizes meeting notes based on your preferences and it empowers team members to focus on their customers by extracting and organizing pertinent details from conversations.

Grain AI also includes a ChatGPT functionality which allows users to ask specific questions about their meetings and receive AI generated answers. These details can be saved as a part of your meeting notes or shared for collaboration.

For better organization and accessibility, Grain facilitates the creation of key moments in the notes that highlight and summarize crucial points of discussion.

This functionality is also designed to generate easily shareable video clips from lengthy meetings for better, more efficient communication of insights.Automated workflows are another key feature of Grain.

The AI tool can seamlessly integrate with favorite platforms including Slack, HubSpot, and Salesforce, automating data entry and allowing users to spend more time on crucial tasks.

Ultimately, Grain AI is an efficient tool for customer-focused teams aimed at streamlining cumbersome administrative work while placing the spotlight on vital customer interactions.


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Grain AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 28th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automated meeting summaries
Key moment identification
Note-taking customization
Quick sharing through Slack
Integrated with Notion
Data extraction from conversations
ChatGPT functionality for Q&A
Creation of shareable video clips
Library of knowledge
Searchable transcript
Administrative task automation
Flexible for different meetings
Automated workflows
Integration with HubSpot
Integration with Salesforce
Productivity enhancement in meetings
Supports team collaboration
Feedback sharing capabilities
Meeting insights accessibility
Emphasizes customer voice
Extracts pertinent conversation details
Conversation organization
Seamless platform integration
Notes templates for customization
User research friendly
Sales team utility
Customer success use-case
Saves post-meeting minutes
Quality customer interaction focus


Dependent on third-party platforms
May miss subtleties in conversation
No offline functionality
Ambiguous privacy policy
Limited language support
No on-premise option
Customisation might be complex
Beta stage product


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