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Grantboost is an AI-powered grant writing solution designed specifically for non-profit organizations. With Grantboost, non-profits can benefit from a faster and more efficient grant proposal process while improving their chances of securing funding.

This tool achieves this by automating the grant writing process with AI-powered algorithms that analyze the organization's details and funding goals to generate proposals that resonate with funders.

Grantboost users can complete a brief survey to provide essential information about their team, mission, and funding goals, which the AI then uses to target potential grant opportunities.

Users can either copy and paste grant information or begin writing proposals from scratch within the user-friendly platform. The AI then analyzes these submissions and extracts the necessary information to write for the user.

Grantboost's AI generates customized grant proposal outputs incorporating industry best practices and proven grant writing strategies which users can review and edit to align with the organization's unique voice.

This tool streamlines the grant writing process, saving time and effort, allowing non-profits to focus on their mission. Grantboost has helped over 100 non-profits onboard, wrote over 500 grants with AI and has over 10 years of technology experience.

Overall, Grantboost is an excellent solution for non-profits looking to transform their funding journey by leveraging AI-powered technology to speed up the grant writing process while improving their chances of securing funding.


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Pros and Cons


Faster grant proposal process
Improves funding chances
Customizes grant proposals
User-friendly platform
Extracts necessary information
Generates grant proposal outputs
Incorporates industry best practices
Allows review and editing
Saves time and effort
Has onboarded over 100 non-profits
Wrote over 500 grants
Has over 10 years of technology experience
Streamlined grant writing process
Free trial available
Connects to LinkedIn
Supports guest blogging
Knowledge base for help
Targets potential grant opportunities


No live feedback
Limited user customization
No multi-language support
No offline mode
No version control
No collaborative features
No mobile application
No API integration
Pricing not mentioned
Lacks advanced editing tools


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How can Grantboost streamline the grant writing process?
How many non-profits has Grantboost worked with?
What is the success rate of grants written by Grantboost?
How much experience does Grantboost have in the field of technology?
Can I begin my grant proposal from scratch on Grantboost?
Can I copy and paste grant information into Grantboost?
Is the Grantboost platform user-friendly?
What sort of strategies does Grantboost use for writing grant proposals?
How does Grantboost incorporate my organization's unique voice into the proposal?
Does Grantboost have a free trial?
Where can I get more information about Grantboost?
How does Grantboost help create an efficient grant writing process?
Does Grantboost have a blog?
Does Grantboost have a LinkedIn profile?
Where do I contact Grantboost if I need to?

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