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Graph Maker is an AI-powered tool designed to enable users to create professional charts swiftly and effortlessly. The tool accepts data in various formats including CSV file uploads, Google Sheets, or spreadsheet uploads.

Specifically, Graph Maker offers feature to make custom bar charts, scatter plots, pie charts, histograms, and line charts. Apart from its ability to create a variety of charts, Graph Maker's unique selling point is its integration of natural language processing technology.

Users can use natural language to query their data, for instance asking it to show orders by region or the number of users using a specific service. This offers a more intuitive and user-friendly process of data analysis.Despite its powerful functionality, Graph Maker places a strong emphasis on data privacy.

No user data is stored by the system, and details about this and security practices can be found on the tool's website. This commitment to data security ensures users can create their visualizations without concerns about the safety of their imported data.


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Pros and Cons


Supports various data formats
CSV file uploads
Integration with Google Sheets
Supports spreadsheet uploads
Custom bar chart creation
Scatter plot creation
Custom pie chart creation
Histogram creation
Line chart creation
Natural language processing
Data querying through language
User-friendly data analysis
Strong data privacy
No user data stored
Transparent data security
Quick chart creation
Professional chart outcomes
Visual data analysis
Intuitive tool interface
Flexible chart customization
Provides sample data
Speak to data feature
Chart creation in seconds


Limited chart types
Limited to CSV/spreadsheet formats
No real-time data integration
No data storage capability
No API for application integration
Limited to NLP queries
No mobile app
No multilingual support
No data editing features
Lacks off-line functionality


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