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Uncover hidden trends and patterns in your data effortlessly.
Generated by ChatGPT operates as an AI-driven data exploration and analysis tool that aims to assist in interpreting complex datasets. The software is built on data science practices, as it deploys AI technology to reveal hidden trends and patterns in data, transforming them into clear insights.

Advancing with this, the user does not need to wrestle with coding or complex formulas to operate the system; instead, they merely need to query the AI with their area of interest.

An additional feature of is its capacity to develop stunning visualizations, allowing users to analyze data in a more visually-enticing and comprehendible manner.

The tool also allows users to manage and share their data, ensuring user control over data privacy and ownership. Further, enables the easy export of clean data behind the visualizations, enhancing the accessibility and usefulness of the analyzed data.

Upgrade options, including Grapha Prime, offer enhanced features such as more questions per month, extended data and report retention, CSV upload and Google Sheets integration.

There are no recurring charges as users can manually renew their membership at the end of its period.


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Feb 3, 2024
I always get the same error message: "Something went wrong Temporary error connecting to Grapha AI - Get Prompt (raw message: Internal Server Error)" I tried it several days / times. Unfortunately always the same error message.
Feb 6, 2024
Hi Robert! Sorry you ran into this issue but thanks for reporting the issue. I took a quick look at the logs and I see what's going on. This has to do with the number of columns you are looking to import. I am happy to help get this resolved if you could email me at [email protected]
Jan 13, 2024
Super useful tool that’s reduced my job by 80%

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Mutual fund analysis
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Pros and Cons


Interprets complex datasets
Reveals hidden trends
No-coding required
Stunning visualizations
Data Management
Data Privacy
Data Ownership
Easy data export
CSV Upload
Google Sheets integration
More questions with upgrade
Extended report retention with upgrade
Manual membership renewal
Zero unexpected charges
User controls data
Query Interpretation
Advanced Visualizations
Pattern Recognition
Trend Analysis
No recurring charges
Clean data exports


Lacks real-time analysis
Limited query volume
Restricted data retention
No recursive payments
Missing Google Sheets integration
PDF export not mentioned
No API mentioned
Limited customer support
No mobile application
Reliant on user queries


What data formats does accept?
Does require coding skills?
What is the Grapha Prime upgrade?
Does automatically charge for renewals?
Can I share data with other users on
What kind of visualizations does provide?
How does use AI in data analysis?
Can I export data from
What kind of patterns and trends can detect?
Does interpret user queries?
Can I control data privacy and ownership on
How does handle data management?
How is integrated with Google Sheets?
What is the limit on questions per month with and Grapha Prime?
What level of customer support does offer?
Can I upload CSV files to
How is data retention handled in and Grapha Prime?
Does offer any early access to new features?
Can automatically renew my membership?
What is the process to manually renew my membership on

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