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Build smart, interactive web calculators powered by your spreadsheets.
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GRID is a tool specifically developed to create intelligent, interactive web calculators and lead-generation tools that are powered by user-friendly spreadsheets.

With no requirement for coding, you can rapidly build and publish smart website calculators based on simple spreadsheet logic. This service can be leveraged to produce tools enabling users to explore your pricing model or calculate potential savings.

GRID thus empowers audiences with engaging, easy-to-use tools facilitating confident purchasing decisions. Allowing users to build and embed calculators and forms with familiar spreadsheet formulas, GRID simplifies the process of presenting intricate data to potential customers.

It has a feature allowing the integration of its calculators with your CRM, effectively improving the capture of valuable lead data for prioritization in your sales pipeline.

GRID also stands out with its ability to save inputs and outputs from calculators to your CRM, providing leads with PDFs of calculator results. Furthermore, users have the option of connecting existing spreadsheets or building new ones within the GRID platform.

It's adaptable to a range of website builder platforms that support iFrame embedding, such as Wordpress.org, Squarespace, and Wix among others.


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GRID 2.0 was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 15th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Interactive analysis
Collaborative reports
Cookie categorization control
Personalized content
Wide tool integration
Builds web calculators
Sales pipeline prioritization
Uses spreadsheet logic
No coding required
CRM integration
Embeddable calculators
Generates PDF results
iFrame embedding compatibility
Lead-generation tools
Enables pricing exploration
Customizable website appearance
Spreadsheets connectable
Supports existing and new spreadsheets
Capture and save lead data
Supports Wordpress.org, Squarespace, and Wix
Compatible with Notion, Slack, and Airtable
Present intricate data easily
Improved lead capture
User-friendly interface
Supports familiar spreadsheet formulas
Leads receive PDF of results
Boosts conversion rate
Lead qualification based on inputs
Saves money and time in web development
Cut costs and accelerate implementation
Leverages user's spreadsheet expertise
Embedding enabled on GRID doc
Lead info capture including emails
Supports Excel, Google Sheets and CSV files
Supports cloud drives like Dropbox, Google Drive
Share standalone GRID documents
Engaging, user-friendly tools


Limited third-party integrations
Includes marketing cookies
Non-customizable cookie categories
Unclear uncategorized cookies
Limited spreadsheet formats support
Embedding requirement for sharing
Subscription-based lead entries
Limited website builder compatibility
No coding might limit customization
Dependent on user spreadsheet knowledge


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