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Creation and management of digital product manuals.
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GuidefAI is a platform that offers businesses a powerful digital user manual to maximize the success of their product. It provides a suite of tools to help businesses build and maintain digital product manuals, as well as tools to convert existing product manuals into digital formats.

It also provides a digital wallet for physical products, allowing customers to access all product information, documents and features in one place. Additionally, GuidefAI provides analytics to help businesses understand, retain and engage customers, as well as tools to optimize costs and increase recycling.

GuidefAI also allows businesses to present their brand story and values, take control of the customer journey, and transform SOP manuals for employees.

Finally, GuidefAI provides a free GPT-3 experiment to analyze data privacy and terms and conditions.


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Guidefai was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 19th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Digital user manual creation
Existing manual digital conversion
Digital wallet for physical products
Customer analytics
Cost optimization tools
Recycling increase tools
Brand story presentation
Customer journey control
SOP manuals transformation
Free GPT-3 experiment
Visual Editor
Manuels management aid
Product interaction analysis
Targeted marketing campaigns
Features for extend product life
Eco-friendly approach
Personalized customer onboarding
Digital manual for employees
Potential for creative uses
Transparency presentation tool
Products owned analysis
Reduced marketing and development costs
Accessibility features
Compatibility with circular economy
Offers demo and free consultation


No multi-language support
No offline accessibility
Limited analytic tools
No mobile version
Dependent on QR codes
Potential data privacy issues
Doesn't support live updates
Limited customization
No API for integration
No collaborative editing


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How does GuidefAI optimize costs and increase recycling?
How can businesses present their story and values with GuidefAI?
Can GuidefAI be used to transform SOP manuals for employees?
What is GuidefAI's free GPT-3 experiment about?
Can I use GuidefAI to build and maintain my product's digital manuals?
How does GuidefAI assist in post-sale customer engagement?
Can GuidefAI enhance my customer care operation?
How can GuidefAI's tools help improve personalized onboarding?
What are the endless possibilities with GuidefAI's QR code?
How does GuidefAI promote a circular economy?
Does GuidefAI offer any employee training solutions?
How does GuidefAI standardize digital instructions?
How does GuidefAI support creative uses of its platform?
What does GuidefAI mean by maximizing efficiency?
How does GuidefAI play a role in customer accessibility?

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