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Boost social media interactions 100x faster.
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Hacksocial.ai is a Chrome extension that uses GPT-4 technology to provide AI-assisted replies on social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Reddit.

The tool's purpose is to help users create meaningful interactions with their audience 100 times faster than using traditional methods. Hacksocial.ai's AI-powered platform allows users to connect with their community, appear smarter, and grow their audience effortlessly.The platform offers various response types, including inspirational, funny, poem in reply, question, polite disagreement, and general agreement, to help users engage with their audience in a meaningful way.

Users can click on the icon next to posts on social media sites to see a variety of responses to choose from. They can then choose to regenerate a response, edit the generated response, or copy it with a single click.Hacksocial.ai also has a feature called "Steering Wheel," which allows users to steer the replies their AI generates to mention their company.

Users can click on the icon in the browser bar and add the name of their company and a brief description. The platform will then steer the replies to reference the company.Overall, Hacksocial.ai is a tool useful for those who seek to boost their productivity in social media engagement, build better relationships with their audience, and stand out on social media platforms.


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Hacksocial was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 22nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Chrome extension
GPT-4 technology
Works with various social media
Multiple response types
One-click response regeneration
Ease of post responses editing
Steering Wheel feature
Supports company-oriented replies
Variety of replies (Inspirational, Funny, Poem)
In-app purchase offers
Frequent updates
Integrated 'copy easy' button
Helps break communication ice
Prompts generate custom reactions
Facilitates viral jokes creation
Boosts social media productivity
Promotes meaningful audience engagement
Resizable interface
Polite disagreement responses
General agreement responses
Conversation steering
Helps tackle writers' block
Improves social media interactions speed
Helps appear smarter online
Audience growth facilitation
Encourages giving on social media
Helps create custom responses
Simplifies social media strategy execution
Stands out on social media
Helps build collaborative communities
Multiple languages support
Provides detailed developer data
User friendly


Only supports Chrome
Limited social media platforms
Steering Wheel can be intrusive
In-app purchases
No EU consumer rights
Restrictive customization
Limited languages support
No mobile support
Large extension size


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What are the different response types offered by Hacksocial.ai?
How can I generate a response using Hacksocial.ai?
What is the 'Steering Wheel' feature in Hacksocial.ai?
How can Hacksocial.ai mention my company in generated replies?
How does Hacksocial.ai help boost social media productivity?
What kind of responses does Hacksocial.ai generate?
How can I edit generated responses in Hacksocial.ai?
Can Hacksocial.ai help me grow my audience?
How can I use Hacksocial.ai for meaningful interactions in social media?
What is the role of AI in Hacksocial.ai?
How does Hacksocial.ai help in creating inspirational and funny responses?
Can Hacksocial.ai help me steer my social media conversations towards my company?
How does Hacksocial.ai function as a Chrome extension?
Can Hacksocial.ai prose be regenerated or edited?
What benefits does Hacksocial.ai offer over traditional methods of social media engagement?

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