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Unlock limitless customer outreach with our AI-driven call agent solution.
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Had-a Call is a software tool that uses artificial intelligence to enhance call management systems. This tool revolutionizes contact center operations by offering features such as multi-language compatibility, real-time call performance analytics, and data-driven customer outreach.

The AI-powered system allows for a smoother localization of customer interactions, breaking down language barriers and building stronger relationships worldwide.

Had-a Call is also an AI call center platform that supports call centers' scalability needs, offering efficient ways to increase customer engagement and improve overall performance.

One key feature of this tool includes the possibility to configure AI call agents to specific business needs such as naming, language selection, gender, purpose and more.

This tool also has a dashboard that provides live metrics, enabling data-driven decisions and offering measurable results. Overall, Had-a Call presents a comprehensive AI platform for global customer outreach solutions, focusing on enhanced customer interactions and engagement.

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Pros and Cons


Multi-language compatibility
Real-time call performance analytics
Data-Driven customer outreach
Supports call center scalability
Live metrics dashboard
Customizable agent gender
Customizable agent language
Customizable agent purpose
Optimized for global reach
Localized customer interaction
Focused on customer engagement
Increased customer engagement
Improved call center performance
Real-time data-driven decisions
Effortless scalability
Measurable results output
Empowers localized impact
Bypass language barriers
Strengthens customer relationships
Personalized customer touch
Achieves global reach
Monitors global call logs
Efficient customer outreach
Supports business growth
Optimized for sales effectiveness
Configurable agent naming


No mobile version
Limited personalization options
No third-party integration
No API exposed
Lack of privacy controls
No video conferencing support
Language support not specified
No offline functionality
Limited scalability details
Absence of trial version


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