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Personal haikus from photos.
Generated by ChatGPT

Haiku Lens is an AI-powered mobile app designed to create personalized haikus from your everyday photos. The app analyzes the visual content of the photos such as their color, texture, and shape, and uses this information to generate haiku poetry that reflects the mood and atmosphere of the image.

This unique app uses cutting-edge AI technologies coupled with the traditional art of haiku poetry to create beautiful and thought-provoking compositions.

Additionally, the app comes with an option of animated haiku video, personalized for your photo and the created haiku. It also features voiced haiku, which is an enchanting personalized haiku recited for you.

Haiku Lens is the perfect tool to cultivate mindfulness and appreciation for the present moment, and the app is available for download on the App Store and Google Play Store with the initial few haikus being free of charge.

Once the initial free period is over, credit packages can be purchased through in-app purchases to continue creating haikus. While an internet connection is required to create new haikus, the photos and the videos generated from those photos are stored locally on your device.

The app also comes with an option to share your created haikus featuring your photo with the haiku poem and its spoken rendition on various social media platforms.

Overall, Haiku Lens provides an innovative and unique way of experiencing poetry through the use of AI technology making it an excellent tool for art enthusiasts, writers, or anyone who enjoys expressing their creativity and exploring their poetic expression.


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Pros and Cons


Personalized haikus from photos
Analyzes photos' visual content
Generates reflective mood poetry
Animated haiku video option
Voiced haiku feature
Promotes mindfulness, present moment appreciation
Available on App Store, Google Play
Initial haikus free
Offers in-app purchases
Requires internet for new haikus
Stores photos, videos locally
Share haikus on social media
Excellent for art enthusiasts, writers
Transform photos into poetry
Option to share voiced haiku
Intuitive usability
Secured data storage
Offline access to previously created haikus
Reinterpretation of traditional art form
Bridges gap between technology and art
Unique personal artistic expression
Innovative interpretation of images
Offline viewing option
Enhanced user engagement with poetry
Accessible artistic creativity
Innovative analysis of visual elements
Features to personalize user experience
Appeals to wide range of users


Requires internet connection
Analyzation ends up on server
Only analyzes visual aspects
Limited initial free period
Needs in-app purchases post-trial
Non-customizable haiku generation
Photo-based only
No text-based haiku option
No offline operation


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Can I reuse the haikus generated by Haiku Lens?


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