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Hairstyle previewer and creator.
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HairstyleAI is an AI-powered tool that enables users to generate new hairstyles and preview them without having to visit a salon. With HairstyleAI, users can upload photos of themselves, make a secure payment, and use the AI technology to generate different hairstyles for them to choose from.

The AI works for both male and female hairstyles and has already generated over 36,852 different hairstyles. The AI technology produces the hairstyles with a high degree of accuracy and can even generate hairstyles based on different colors, lengths, and styles.

The tool also offers a special discount of 20% off for a limited time. HairstyleAI is an easy and cost-effective way to try out different hairstyles without having to make an appointment at a salon.


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HairstyleAI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 7th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Generates new hairstyles
Previews hairstyles
Supports both genders
Has generated 36,852 hairstyles
Customizes on color and style
Limited-time discount offer
Secure payment via Stripe
High degree of accuracy
No need for salon appointments
High-quality hairstyling
Allows hairstyle trials
Offers color variations
Generates multiple hairstyles
Secure storage of photos
Photos deletion after 24 hours
New styles and colors indication
Hand picked top styles sent
Supports different styles input
Time and money saving
Short hairstyles preview
3 clear headshot photos training


Limited style customization
Cannot fulfill all requests
High costs for results
Doesn't offer refunds
Depends heavily on input photos
Full selection feature not implemented
24-hour photo storage only
Limited to hairstyle generation


What is HairstyleAI?
How does HairstyleAI generate different hairstyles?
Can HairstyleAI generate both male and female hairstyles?
How many hairstyles has HairstyleAI generated till now?
Can HairstyleAI generate hairstyles of different colors, lengths, and styles?
How to use the HairstyleAI tool?
Is there a special discount on HairstyleAI for a limited time?
What is the cost to try out new hairstyles on HairstyleAI?
How accurate are the hairstyles generated by HairstyleAI?
What is the process to upload my photos on HairstyleAI?
How does HairstyleAI protect my payment details?
Is HairstyleAI a secure platform to use?
What is the page title and description of HairstyleAI?
Does HairstyleAI have a signup page?
Many models has HairstyleAI used for sampling different hairstyles?
What's the customer feedback for HairstyleAI?
How HairstyleAI handles the privacy of users?
Are the generated hairstyles by HairstyleAI realistic?
Does HairstyleAI offer refund policy?
How does the AI technology of HairstyleAI work?


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