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Enabled mobile chat and conversation.
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HandyAI is an open-source Android app that provides access to the latest artificial intelligence (AI) models such as advanced language and image models.

The app offers a regularly updated library of pre-made prompts, making it ideal for those who want to start using GPT-3 right away, and offers personalized prompts, advanced conversation options, and other premium features.

Currently, the app offers access to GPT-3 and Text-to-Image AI models, and the developers plan to include more AI tools soon. HandyAI boasts a modern Material You theme, which enhances its user interface and makes it easy to use.

Furthermore, the app offers Text-to-Image generations, which enables users to generate images based on their input text. HandyAI ensures data safety by encrypting data in transit and not collecting user data.

The developer provides information on data privacy and security practices, which may vary based on your region and age. Users can share their feedback with the developers through email, and they can report bugs if they find any.

The app is regularly updated, and the developers released an affordable pricing model with the last update. The True Studio, which is the developer of HandyAI, offers other apps that are worth checking out.

HandyAI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 24th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Open-source Android app
Regularly updated model library
Pre-made prompts for GPT-3
Personalized prompts feature
Advanced conversation options
Access to Text-to-Image models
Modern Material You theme
Text-to-Image generation feature
Encrypts data in transit
No user data collection
Clear information on data practices
Accessible developer contact
Regular updates of the app
Affordable pricing model
Potential interaction with other True Studio apps
Bug reporting options
Prompt selection feature
Premium features available


Only for Android users
Regular updates required
Incomplete data deletion
Data safety varies per region
Variable age-based security practices
In-app purchase necessary
Limited support channels
Possible disconnection issues


What is HandyAI?
Can HandyAI be used on any device or only Android?
Which AI models does HandyAI support?
How often are the library of pre-made prompts updated in HandyAI?
Does HandyAI offer any premium features?
What is the Material You theme feature in HandyAI?
Can we generate images in HandyAI based on the input text?
How does HandyAI ensure data safety?
Does HandyAI collect user data?
Can I share my feedback or report bugs for HandyAI?
How often is HandyAI app updated?
How affordable is HandyAI?
Who are the developers of HandyAI?
What other apps does the developer offer?
Does HandyAI support Text-to-Image generations?
What is the future roadmap for HandyAI?
Does HandyAI have any limitations based on region or age?
How can I make use of personalized prompts in HandyAI?
Does HandyAI encrypt data while in transit?
What security practices does HandyAI follow?

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