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Unleash the power of AI on your WordPress site with Handywriter.
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Handywriter is an AI-powered writing assistant designed for WordPress. This plugin is integrated with both block editor and classic editor, allowing content creators to use the familiar environment.

It offers a range of features aimed at enhancing the content creation process, improving accessibility, and maintaining content originality. With Handywriter, users can generate visually attractive, context-specific images on-demand to accompany their posts.

There is also a Text-to-Speech feature which transforms written content into high-quality speech, making websites more engaging and accessible. Handywriter ensures content originality with its plagiarism check feature which can evaluate content generated both by AI and the user.

For consistent syntax, it incorporates a grammar and spelling check feature which can automatically rectify errors if found. The tool also offers a selection of content templates to aid in creating specific types of content, such as blogs or video descriptions.

Handywriter therefore caters to the diverse content needs of users, making it a flexible and comprehensive tool for assisting in content creation for WordPress sites.

The plugin is operational in over 100 languages, though results may vary for languages other than English due to training set limitations.

Handywriter was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 20th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


WordPress native integration
Works with block editor
Works with classic editor
Automatic grammar check
Automatic spelling check
Plagiarism checking feature
Provides content templates
Subscription allows for unlimited users
User-specific control
Generates images for posts
Text-to-Speech feature
Supports over 100 languages
Integrated proofreader
Unlimited site access for all plans
On-demand generated content
Built-in content validators
Supports multiple user roles
Customizable user access controls
14-day money-back guarantee
Not charging per seat or domains
Hosted on official WordPress repository
Automatic checking for errors in syntax
Can generate around ~3 words per credit
Real-time credit monitoring via settings page
One click plagiarism check for generated content
Support for commonly used languages
User-friendly interface
Included Image generator
Inclusive Text-to-Speech audio
Provides monthly and yearly packages
Pricing based on required credits
Different plans for user needs
Instant plagiarism check results
Automatic correction of grammar and spelling errors
Visual aids for content structuring
Wide range of content templates
No limit on the number of sites
Versatile language support
Free updates for the plugin
No aspect tied to license key status
Effortless credit monitoring


Only for WordPress
Subscription model cost
Limited non-English language support
Dependent on credit system
Automated fixes may be inaccurate
Non-guaranteed originality of content
Variable image generation quality


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