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HappyChat AI is a tool that allows users to easily create conversational chatbots for their websites. Powered by ChatGPT, this tool doesn't require any coding skills to use.

It offers multilingual support and claims to enable users to build chatbots in just minutes.With HappyChat AI, users can customize the chatbot to match the look and feel of their website.

The tool harnesses the power of Natural Language Processing (NLP) to interpret user input, delivering realistic conversations and improved precision. It also offers 24/7 instant answers to customers' questions and allows users to engage with website visitors proactively using personalized chatbot welcome messages.Additionally, HappyChat AI provides a customizable widget that can be tailored to align with a brand's style and website design.

Users can upload documents or add links to their website for the chatbot to access. The tool also offers the ability to train the chatbot on user data.HappyChat AI aims to enhance website visitor engagement, turn visits into opportunities, and deliver a human-like experience to users.

It can assist with customer support, sales, engagement, and marketing efforts. The tool offers different pricing plans to cater to various business needs, including a free plan for getting started.


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Jan 25, 2024
A lot of mistakes, totally swaped the prices on the price table, not usable yet :(

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Pros and Cons


Easy chatbot creation
Multilingual support
Customizable chatbot appearance
Powered by ChatGPT
Uses NLP
24/7 customer support
Proactive engagement via chatbot
Customizable chat widget
Chatbot training on user data
Document upload capability
Can add website links
Designed to increase engagement
Can assist in sales
Supports customer support
Supports marketing
Variety of pricing plans
Free plan available
Human-like user experience
Turns visits into opportunities
Any time customer interaction
Cross-language communication
Chatbot reach out to visitors
Multiple chatbots option
Various source types for chatbots
Chat/Email support
API Access
Unbranded chat widget
Team Members inclusion
Chat History feature
Prompt Customization
Allows document/link upload for training
Usage on multiple websites
Leads and sales conversion
Handles mundane customer queries
User information collection for leads
Interactive dialogues
Plans for high traffic management
Custom integrations in enterprise plan
Dedicated account manager
Advanced Analytics
Priority Support


Limitation on messages/month
Expensive plans for increased capabilities
API not available yet
Limited source pages access
No free trial
Data storage not user-controlled


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How can HappyChat AI train the chatbot on my data?
How does HappyChat AI affect my website visitor engagement?
How can HappyChat AI help with my customer support and sales?
What different pricing plans does HappyChat AI offer?
Is there a free plan available for HappyChat AI?
How does HappyChat AI use ChatGPT?
Is HappyChat AI capable of delivering a human-like experience to users?
Is there a free trial available for HappyChat AI?
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