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Train, customize, and deploy chatbots anywhere.
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HappyML allows users to create chatbots with customizable prompts, appearances, tones, and actions. This means developers can code their chatbot to call APIs for them to perform daily tasks and responsibilities.

Easily deploy your chatbot on websites, web apps, messenger apps, email, and SMS. It can be used as customer service, internal help desk, guest services, support center, training, consulting, assistant, sales, and human resources among other things.

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Jan 17, 2024
Looks pretty neat! Haven't seen many working on actions for llms.

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HappyML was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 15th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


No coding required
Ease of use
Versatile API integration
Customer-facing operations
Internal support automation
Automated information extraction
Brand voice & tone consistency
GDPR compliant
High data security
Flexible bot customization
Dynamic user management
Detailed content understanding
Integration across platforms
Upcoming feature: Actions
Broad natural language interface
Trainable using your data
Customizable appearance and responses
Built-in productivity enhancing tools
Supports complex task execution
Ability to deploy anywhere
Extensive application integration
Individual per-bot user management
Custom API Interaction
Secure encryption protocols
Enhanced data update feature
Comprehensive organization management
Supports proprietary APIs
Advanced tone-matching capability
User permissions and access control
Built for various functions
Automated response to queries
Optimized natural language modules
Automatic data refreshing


No multi-language support mentioned
Lacks voice-based chatbot function
Actions feature not yet available
Limited API integration possibilities
No on-premise deployment option
No explicit scalability details
No specific industry focus
Missing sentiment analysis feature


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How does HappyML uphold GDPR compliance and data security?
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Does HappyML have a natural language interface?
How can HappyML be used for automating customer support systems?
How does HappyML aid in automating internal help desks?
Can HappyML's bots be trained on my data?
Can I use HappyML for 'Chatbot' personalization?
Does HappyML offer API integration?
What part does tone-matching play in HappyML?
Can I customize my bot's responses in HappyML?
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How does user management function in HappyML?
Can my bots access external and internal documents using HappyML?

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