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Design legal language models for law firms.
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Harvey is a generative AI tool designed specifically for elite law firms. It builds custom LLMs (Legal Language Models) which tackle the most complex legal challenges across every practice area, jurisdiction, and legal system across the world.

The tool is built to handle unprecedented legal scenarios, making it a valuable asset for legal professionals who need to accurately and efficiently handle complex cases.

With Harvey, legal professionals can benefit from increased efficiency and accuracy in their work, which is especially useful when dealing with large amounts of legal information.

The tool's ability to seamlessly integrate into existing workflows makes it a key asset for law firms looking to streamline their operations. Harvey's unique feature of creating custom LLMs is what sets it apart from other AI-powered legal tools.

This helps businesses to handle large legal datasets using LLMs that are tailored to their unique requirements. Overall, Harvey's generative AI is a powerful tool for law firms, capable of working across many different jurisdictions and legal systems.

By providing custom LLMs, legal professionals can increase the speed and accuracy of their work while dealing with complex legal challenges more efficiently.

Harvey's compatibility with existing workflows makes it a valuable asset for legal experts and law firms.


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Harvey was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 8th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Custom Legal Language Models
Increased work efficiency
Enhanced accuracy
Adapts to existing workflows
Specialized for elite law firms
Unprecedented legal scenarios capable
Handles complex cases
Works across all jurisdictions
Supports all legal systems
Aids with large legal datasets
Tailored to unique requirements
Speeds up legal processes
Streamlines operational workflow


Requires extensive legal knowledge
Limited to law firms
May overlook local regulations
Potential biases in learning
Inadequate for trivial legal matters
Can be excessively detailed
No mention of data security
Custom LLMs may be inconsistent
Adaptation to workflows unspecified
Lack of user reviews


What is Harvey?
What does Harvey do?
How does Harvey assist legal professionals?
What are Harvey's Legal Language Models (LLMs)?
How does Harvey handle complex legal cases?
In which jurisdictions can Harvey operate?
What makes Harvey's generative AI unique?
How do custom LLMs increase efficiency for a law firm?
Could Harvey integrate into my existing workflow?
How can Harvey help me deal with a large amount of legal data?
What types of legal challenges can Harvey tackle?
Is Harvey suitable for all law firms or just elite ones?
What benefits could I expect from using Harvey in my law firm?
How does Harvey improve the accuracy of legal work?
Can Harvey adapt to different legal systems across the world?
What does it mean that Harvey has 'unprecedented legal AI' capabilities?
What separates Harvey from other AI-powered legal tools?
How can I contact Harvey's sales team?
Are there job opportunities with Harvey?
Is there a privacy policy available for Harvey?

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