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Reply to your professional emails in 90% less time, seriously.
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HarvyAI is an AI-tool designed to assist professionals with writing faster and more efficient email responses. The tool uses ChatGPT powered technology and features a native email interface, and is compatible with various web browsers.

HarvyAI claims that it can reduce the time it takes to complete email responses by 90%. The AI assistant supports multiple languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Bengali, Hindi, Arabic, among others.

Harvy can write contextually relevant responses that match the tone and writing style of the user, and can be guided to produce natural-sounding replies.

HarvyAI does not have access to users' emails but requires sample email data to adapt to their style of writing. The AI tool is available as a Chrome extension and initially supports Gmail users.

The company promises to charge a fair and affordable price for their services. The tool is newly launched and has already garnered support from professionals seeking to improve their email response time.

Technical support and queries can be directed to the company via email. Overall, HarvyAI presents a promising solution to help professionals improve their email productivity.


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HarvyAI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 15th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


ChatGPT powered technology
Native email interface
Compatible with various browsers
Inline email replies assistant
90% email response speed increase
Supports multiple languages
Adapts user's writing style
Provides natural-sounding replies
Respects user privacy
Available as Chrome extension
Fair and affordable pricing
Comprehensive customer support
Initial Gmail users support
Guided tone of writing
Improves professional emails productivity
Highly rated on Product Hunt
Free trial option available
Matches language in communication
Requires only email samples
Supports future multi-platform integration


Limited browser compatibility
Only supports Gmail initially
Requires sample email data
No live technical support
Available only as extension
Charges for services
No offline functionality
Newly launched (potential bugs)


What is HarvyAI?
How does HarvyAI assist in writing email responses?
In what languages does HarvyAI provide support?
How does HarvyAI understand my style of writing?
Which web browsers support the HarvyAI tool?
Does HarvyAI read my personal or professional emails?
Does HarvyAI work with Gmail?
Is HarvyAI available as a desktop app or mobile app?
Where can I download the HarvyAI Chrome Extension?
How can I seek technical support for HarvyAI?
Does HarvyAI write contextually relevant responses?
How much does HarvyAI cost?
How can HarvyAI reduce my email response time?
Does HarvyAI offer a free trial?
What is the technology behind HarvyAI?
Is my data safe with HarvyAI?
Can HarvyAI mimic my tone and writing style?
Can I use HarvyAI to respond to emails in various genres like formal, informal, promotional, etc.?
How can I provide input to HarvyAI for generating replies?
Is HarvyAI planning to support other email clients apart from Gmail?

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