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Learn Japanese fast with AI-powered Youtube immersion.
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HayaiLearn is an AI-powered tool designed to facilitate immersive Japanese language learning on YouTube videos. Using AI technology, HayaiLearn offers hoverable subtitles where users can hover or click on a word to display a pop-up dictionary with its meanings.

The tool utilizes AI to deliver context-based meanings and grammatical explanations, enabling users to comprehend Japanese sentences at a deeper level.

Additionally, it provides video examples of word usage to enhance memory association, identifies video difficulty, and monitors user's progress in vocabulary and grammar.

HayaiLearn also supports sentence-mining or saving subtitles for future review. Notably, its video-assisted quiz system aids in retaining newly learned words.

The tool has the capability to generate enhanced captions, an improvement over YouTube's automatic captions, to provide a more accurate source for learning.

The platform offers immersive exposure to language, facilitating learning through context rather than simple memorization. The default library of HayaiLearn includes a wide range of content from vlogs and music videos to anime and interviews.

Users can also import any YouTube content with Japanese subtitles. This tool serves all levels of learners, from beginners to advanced.


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HayaiLearn was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 27th 2024.

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Pros and Cons


YouTube integration
Interactive hoverable subtitles
Pop-up dictionary feature
Context-based word meanings
Detailed grammatical explanations
Provides video examples
Identifies video difficulty level
Monitors user's progress
Supports sentence-mining
Allows saving subtitles
Video-assisted quiz system
Enhanced captions generation
Exposure to language context
Wide range of multimedia
Import any YouTube content
Serves all learning levels
Playable example sentences
Import any subtitles
Appropriate video levels
Recall meaning quizzes
Save unlimited words
800+ default videos
Improved auto-generated subtitles
Single word explanations
Facilitates rapid learning
Unlimited content import
Subscription includes word tracking
Beginner-friendly learning
Tracked learning progress
Improved learning recall
Practical language application
Higher level difficulty videos
Efficient vocabulary acquisition
Fast track learning
Saves learning bookmarks


Only Japanese language supported
Requires YouTube content
Subscription based
Dependent on accurate subtitles
Limited to multimedia learning
No face-to-face interaction
No downloadable content
Requires internet connection
Doesn't support language transition
May not suit all learners


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