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Health record risk identification.
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MSAI Web3 Healthcare is a tool that offers a comprehensive Patient Health Record (PHR) system, giving patients control over their medical data. It combines medical records from various healthcare facilities and clinics, making it easier for patients to access and share their medical histories.

Besides, this tool provides a secure way to scan and share medical records among healthcare practitioners, ensuring patients' privacy and security. One of MSAI Web3 Healthcare's most notable features is its AI-based identification, which utilizes patient histories to identify risks and recommend additional treatments available in the patient's medical facility, thus improving patient outcomes.

Moreover, this platform is available on different devices, providing users with a platform-independent service to engage with, earn rewards, and learn about their medication.

MSAI Web3 Healthcare aims to empower patients by providing them with a user-friendly interface and a secure, effective way to manage their medical data.

It also presents an opportunity for medical practitioners to understand their patients' medication compliance more accurately and identify risks quickly.

Overall, MSAI Web3 Healthcare is a powerful health record management tool, facilitating patients' access and control over their health information while improving healthcare delivery and patient outcomes.


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Jan 3, 2024
Ok, but it takes over 24 hours to get comprehensive ai report. The chat is similar to but better than openai.
Jan 3, 2024
Very useful I uploaded 100 page history as pdf file and was able to query and ask for a verified report. Allows 10-30 days free trial you can then easily cancel by clicking on your profile or continue on $2.5 plan using the free code provided. AI reports suggest great alternative therapies and now it can read Xrays too.
May 5, 2023
Lets me store all my files and answers basic medical questions without paying for a visit to the local family doctor

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Pros and Cons


Comprehensive Patient Health Record system
Combines records from various facilities
Secure medical record sharing
Recommendations for additional treatments
Platform independent service
User-friendly interface
Accurate medication compliance understanding
Improves healthcare delivery
Enhances patient outcomes
Reward system for patients
Supports patient engagement
Allows control of medical records
Safeguards patient privacy
Accessible on different devices


Token error issues
No guest access
Requires multiple healthcare records
Potential risk of data mishandling
Depends on clinic's participation
No offline accessibility
Dependent on patient accuracy
Risk identification limited to clinic
Rewards may bias medical decisions
Requires user registration


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