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Personalized meal plans and dish recommendations.
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The "Create Next App" tool is an AI-powered application that generates personalized dish ideas based on user responses to a series of questions. Designed by @juanimolfino, the tool aims to recommend a suitable diet plan by considering various factors such as age, gender, activity level, workout preferences, dietary preferences, food intolerances, allergies, cooking skill level, time availability, and language preference.Users begin by providing information about their height, weight, age, gender identity, and current activity level.

They are then prompted to select their preferred type of workout activity, the number of times they work out in a week, and the duration of their workouts.

Next, users specify their main goal, such as weight loss or muscle mass gain.Dietary preferences, including vegetarianism, veganism, and pescetarianism, can be indicated.

Users can also express their preferences for specific types of food, such as lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, dairy, green vegetables, legumes, and beans.

Furthermore, users have the option to disclose any food intolerances or allergies they have.The tool also considers users' skill level in the kitchen and their willingness to prepare more elaborate meals or opt for simple and quick options.

And finally, users can select their preferred language for response.Once all the information is provided, the tool generates personalized dish ideas based on the user's specific profile and preferences.

This AI-based application aims to simplify and streamline the process of meal planning by tailoring recommendations to individual needs, facilitating healthy eating choices.


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Dec 13, 2023
Couldn't get it to produce any meals. Only has cm and kg. Doesn't have Keto.

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Pros and Cons


Personalized meal recommendations
Consideration of health goals
Age-specific meal suggestions
Tailored advice for gender identity
Considers current activity level
Workout activity based recommendations
Frequency of workout factor
Accounting for workout duration
Goal-oriented meal suggestions
Caters to vegetarianism
Includes vegan and pescetarian options
Flexible food preferences
Accounts for food intolerances
Acknowledges food allergies
Consideration of cooking skill level
Time availability factor for recipes
Select response language
Suggests dishes based on fridge inventory


No app version
Lacks personalized advice
No allergy cross checking
Heavy user input required
Lacks qualified dietary expert oversight
No tracking/progress feature
Limited vegetarian options
Unavailable languages
No recipe variety
Poor interaction design


What is the HealthFood AI?
What features does the HealthFood AI offer?
How does the HealthFood AI work?
Does the HealthFood AI consider my age and gender when suggesting meals?
Can the HealthFood AI suggest meals based on my workout routines?
Can the HealthFood AI accommodate dietary preferences like veganism or vegetarianism?
Does the HealthFood AI consider food intolerances and allergies?
Can the HealthFood AI help me with my weight loss/muscle gain goals?
Will the HealthFood AI consider my kitchen skill level while suggesting meals?
Does the HealthFood AI have a time constraint for meal preparation?
Can the HealthFood AI generate meal plans in different languages?
How personalized are the meals recommended by the HealthFood AI?
How does HealthFood AI assist in enhancing my wellbeing?
Can the HealthFood AI suggest meals if I am a professional athlete?
If I prefer certain types of food, will HealthFood AI consider my choices?
Can I set a dietary preference for high-protein food in the HealthFood AI?
How does the 'Create Next App' feature in HealthFood AI work?
Does HealthFood AI evaluate my activity level when suggesting meals?
Does the HealthFood AI cater to special diets such as pescetarianism?
What kind of food preferences can I specify in the HealthFood AI?

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