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Generate personalized DMs for Twitter & LinkedIn.
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Hello Person is an AI tool designed to assist users in generating personalized Direct Messages (DMs) for Twitter and LinkedIn. Its primary goal is to facilitate personal connection with individuals on topics of their interest.

It operates by allowing a user to enter a specific social media profile link. Once the link is inputted, the tool can generate a tailored 'icebreaker' introduction message appropriate for the designated profile, helping the user to initiate a conversation or engagement in a more personalized and strategic manner.

Moreover, Hello Person offers a feature that presents a detailed summary of the given profile. This is determined based on the recent activity of the respective profile, allowing users to gain a quick understanding of the individual or company they intend to connect with.

The tool is thus useful for people looking to expand their network, marketers, and businesses seeking to personalize their outreach.


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Pros and Cons


Generates personalized DMs
Supports Twitter and LinkedIn
Profile link input
Tailored 'icebreaker' messages
Detailed profile summaries
Based on recent activity
Facilitates strategic engagement
Aids in personal connection
Useful for network expansion
Beneficial for digital marketing
Helps personalize business outreach


Limited to Twitter, LinkedIn
No API Integration
Requires individual link input
Subject to platform changes
No multi-profile analysis
Messages lack human touch
Dependent on profile activity
No bulk messaging feature
Risk of spam filter detection
No cross-platform support


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Can Hello Person generate an introduction or 'icebreaker' message?
How does Hello Person’s ‘Icebreaker’ feature work?
How quickly can Hello Person generate a detailed summary for a profile?
Is there any specific information needed to use Hello Person?
What all features are included in Hello Person's offering?
Can Hello Person generate DMs in multiple languages?
Is there a limit to how many DMs Hello Person can generate?
What does Hello Person mean by 'outreach personalization'?
What is the process to generate DMs using Hello Person?
Is my data safe with Hello Person?
Does Hello Person offer any subscription packages or is it free to use?

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