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Automate your call center with conversational AI.
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Callbot by HelloMyBot is an AI-enabled conversational tool, specifically designed to automate incoming and outgoing calls in customer relation centers.

It serves as a 24/7 intelligent service that can drastically reduce costs and boost profitability, while providing a seamless offering to customers. Key features of this tool include call reception, appointment setting, call qualification, overflow and peak call management, information in self-service or self-care, response to common requests, and complaints resolution.

It also helps check delivery and order status and enrich your marketing and sales tools. The tool is also equipped to effortlessly handle telephonic prospecting campaigns, allowing you to reach out to endless prospects and customers for various measures such as lead qualification, up-selling and cross-selling, appointment scheduling, quality and customer satisfaction surveys, contracts validation, and donations collection.

HelloMyBot also provides the capability of boosting your customer relations by increasing your team with lower cost, reducing incoming calls and call length, minimizing misdirected calls, enabling handover when calls gain value, and increasing CSAT and NPS.

Conclusively, HelloMyBot offers a comprehensive set of conversational AI tools that can easily integrate with your business tools, provide personalized responses by connecting to your CRM through APIs, incorporate payment solutions, and offer limitless learning through machine learning.

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Pros and Cons


Automation of incoming/outgoing calls
24/7 intelligent service
Cost reduction
Enhanced profitability
Prompt response to inquiries
Problem resolution facility
Call handling feature
Appointment scheduling facility
Manages call overflow
Self-service information provision
Standard request responses
Phone prospecting campaign management
Automated call and qualification
Efficient lead qualification
Up-selling and cross-selling features
Quality survey facility
Contract validation
Payment collection feature
Improves customer relations
Increases team efficiency
Reduces incoming call numbers
Shortens call durations
Reduces misdirected calls
Handover activation for high-value calls
Enhances customer satisfaction
Boosts Net Promoter Scores
Easy integration with business tools
CRM system synchronization
API for personalized responses
Supports cross-channel conversations
Machine learning based improvement
GDPR compliance
Recommended for streamlining processes
Suitable for advertisers
Useful for any e-calling organization
Effective peak call management
Complaints resolution feature
Handles telephonic prospecting campaigns
Boosts customer relation with lower costs
Minimizes misdirected calls
Connects to CRM for personalized responses
Incorporates payment solutions
Enables limitless learning through machine learning
Automated appointment scheduling
Reduces operational costs
Decreases average handling time
Improves customer satisfaction score
Capable of multilingual communication


No text-to-speech feature
No live chat support
Missing analytics features
No sentiment analysis
Limited integration options
No multi-language support
No free trial
Lack of customization options
No on-premise deployment
Potential GDPR compliance issues


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Is HelloCall compliant with GDPR?
Does HelloCall use Machine Learning for continuous improvement?
Can I use HelloCall to manage incoming calls at my customer contact center?
Does HelloCall provide self-service information?
What functionalities does HelloCall provide for outbound call campaigns?
How does HelloCall activate handover for calls that require added value?

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