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HelloCall is a conversational AI tool that provides automation for both incoming and outgoing phone calls in your customer contact center. By using a voicebot, HelloCall enables intelligent service availability 24/7, reducing costs and increasing profitability.

With HelloCall, you can respond to all your clients' inquiries promptly, solving their problems and providing assistance. The tool offers features such as call handling, appointment scheduling, call overflow management, self-service information, and common request responses.Additionally, HelloCall allows you to create and manage telephone prospecting campaigns efficiently, enabling you to call and qualify prospects and clients automatically and rapidly without any friction.

It offers lead qualification, up-selling, cross-selling, appointment setting, quality surveys, contract validation, and payment collection functionalities.Implementing HelloCall results in improved customer relations, as it enhances the availability and efficiency of your team, regardless of language barriers.

It helps to reduce the number and duration of incoming calls for your agents, prevents misdirected calls, and activates handover when calls require added value.

Ultimately, HelloCall contributes to higher customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Scores (NPS).As part of the HelloMyBot platform, HelloCall offers quick and easy integration with your business tools, including CRM systems, through APIs for personalized responses.

It also supports cross-channel conversations, beginning with a phone call and continuing via messaging. The tool leverages machine learning for continuous improvement and ensures compliance with data protection regulations (GDPR).HelloCall is recommended for call centers looking to streamline processes and support their teams, as well as for advertisers seeking new avenues for generating business.

It is suitable for any organization that requires an e-calling solution to conduct call campaigns effortlessly in any language.


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Pros and Cons


Automates incoming/outgoing calls
24/7 service availability
Customer response automation
Call handling feature
Appointment scheduling feature
Call overflow management
Self-service info provision
Automated common inquiries response
Telephone prospecting campaigns creation
Automated call/qualify prospects/clients
Lead qualification automation
Up-selling and cross-selling features
Automated appointment setting
Quality survey feature
Contract validation feature
Automated payment collection
Improves customer relations
Reduces incoming call load/duration
Prevents misdirected calls
Activates handover for value-based calls
Enhances customer satisfaction
Increases Net Promoter Scores
Easy integration with business tools
CRM system integration
APIs for personalized responses
Cross-channel conversation support
Machine learning based enhancements
Data protection regulation compliance
Suitable for any business size
Language barrier mitigation
Cross-selling feature
Automated self-care/FAQs
Order and delivery status automation
Rich marketing tools
Quick campaign creation
Handling call overflow/peaks
Complaint automation
Automated handover activation
Improves CSAT and NPS
Quick CRM integration
Payment system integration
Contextual conversation transfer
Automated routing and call transfer
Process automation connection
Call center operations automation
Cost operation reduction
Customer satisfaction increase
Average handling time reduction
Automated campaign running
Improvement in client contact rate
Streamlining prospection processes
Effortless multilingual support


Limited language support
May misdirect calls
No multi-platform support
No freemium version
Integration complications
Unspecified GDPR compliance details
May require continuous learning
Undefined pricing structure
Unknown ease of use


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